7 Warriors Needed to Test "Subscribe Registered User Automatically"--My New WordPress Plugin

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Hello warrior,

My new plugin, called Subscribe Registered User, will automatically send an autoresponder subscription message to new WordPress users.

Just PM me and I'll send you the download link.

1. Must a warrior --> should be easy to fulfill =P.
2. Must have a WordPress blog --> or else how will you test this WordPress plugin?
3. Must be the first 7 or 10 to PM --> this is only necessary in case I got too many PMs and don't have time to response.

*Note 1: I'm planning to run a WSO on this, so please be expected to receive a PM from me pushing/poking you to give an honest review of the plugin (to see if it works before I embarrass myself =)..
*Note 2: this is not an 'official' sweep stake, even it looks like one .
*Note 3: if you've seen other similar plugins or have "ideas", please let me know...

"I'm running out of thoughts"... so I'll just leave you hanging at that with this last serious call to action...
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