What's Wrong With This Product Page?

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What would you change about this product page to get it to convert better?

>>> Aries <<<

I've been able to send 500 visitors to this page in the last week, but not one unit has been sold.

I have no experience with this "online catalog" type of page. But, the thing that first strikes me is that I can't really find a "benefit" for buying the product.


This is the link to the home page:

>>> http://shop.zodiband.com/ <<<
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    Were all the visitors 'aries'
    If not then that would hit your conversion hard!
    Even if they were buying for someone else it would knock conversion down
    Are visitors looking to buy for themselves...or looking for a gift?
    If you don't know then how can you present it to them correctly?

    It comes in a box yes?

    Where is the box?
    Is it nice?
    Would it make a beautiful gift?

    Why not have a picture of the bracelet on someone's wrist?
    Why not have a video of the bracelet on someone's wrist?

    It's $25 so just a picture and short description will never sell it.

    Tell them all about the mysteries of astrology and why they should be interested.

    Describe the reaction they'll get from a loved one when they see the great gift they've been bought.

    You're gonna need to get creative.

    If this item was selling on one of the shopping channels....how would they be describing it?

    That's what it will take.

    Get working.......good luck.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Originally Posted by mwright View Post

    the thing that first strikes me is that I can't really find a "benefit" for buying the product.
    Yes, that kind of strikes me, too.

    The other things, off the top of my head, that might be causing problems, include ...

    (i) It's "light on dark" instead of the other way round. (On my screen it's all terribly dark and gloomy and not so easy to read);

    (ii) It doesn't fit my screen (that's never good - people don't like scrolling from side-to-side);

    (iii) The home page has no compelling selling approach/whatever (that's probably the same "benefits" point, as above, really?);

    (iv) The product appears expensive for what it is (apologies if that impression/guess is wrong!);

    (v) The answers to the FAQ are not good: I wanted to know if you ship to my country. I found the FAQ (not easily!) and found that question, but apparently the only way I can get an answer to it - following the information given on the site - is to "create an account" and then do a lot of other stuff as well?! That's no good, is it? You must be able to tell me whether you ship to my country without asking me to "create an account", just to find out! :p
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      Thanks for the responses so far.

      I'ill send a link from this page to the seller; hopefully they will make appropriate changes.
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    These are all useful observations.

    The products do come very attractively packaged, but are only shown that way on the home page, not the individual product pages.

    I know I could rock a sales page with all the features you suggest, and really move some product for this seller. I might actually offer to do that for a percentage of sales; I'd certainly make more money.
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    Alexa is totally right about the color scheme. Change it from dark to light color scheme.

    Also I see that people can pay with PayPal, but I can't see PayPal logo on footer.

    Also the landing page looks somehow odd, it's a bit hard to navigate, maybe the buttons and text doesn't just stand out.

    Just make the color scheme light and make text and buttons more outstanding so people could still notice them.

    Also I can't understand why this bracelet costs so much? Is it made of some kind of rare material or something? I just don't think that people would buy a bracelet which costs $25 without any knowledge about it. But this is only my opinion.
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    As mentioned, it's gloomy. Had this not been a critique I would have clicked away immediately. As mentioned, I believe it's not wise to lead with a particular astrological sign but create a bright, upbeat page with a nice grouping of all the bracelets. Make each image live so the visitor can click to the one of their choice.

    Last, and most important, get a compelling headline or statement up top. Something people will relate to. Push their buttons. Something like.

    You've Just Found The Perfect Gift For The
    Astrology Enthusiast Who Has Everything!
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    Try sending them to the home page.

    I like the colors looks great and fits great on the laptop I use 15.6 inch screen.

    Make a small report on the Zodi and have people sign up to get the report. so you start a email list.

    Why people think it is dark it's a black website Duh. If people have the brightness turned down it would make it look to dark... nothing you can do about how people have their computer set on. for brightness or screen size... my kids laptop they have the settings at 800x600 because most old game use that.

    I think the site is sharp and clean looking easy to go to what sign I am ... that is from a graphic designer point of view.

    hope that helps


    5 Minute Mobile Sites... My Next WSO Comming Soon.

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      This is actually the link to the home page:

      >>> Zodiband Store <<<

      I don't remember why I didn't put it up at first.
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