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This is probably one of the dumbest questions

I have made a FB page for my metal art Oz Metal Art | Facebook and played with my first advert with a very narrow niche which is working very well. It looks like I have at least $600 in sales from an advert that has cost me a little over one dollar.

However - I can not work out how to put my email link on the page so that people can easily get in touch. I realise it's probably very easy and obvious. Nevertheless, I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

If anyone would be so kind as to explain how to do this in granny speak I would be very grateful.

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    Hi Mary,
    Add that email address under About Section. When logged in you can chose the edit button and than insert your email address there.

    Is that what you are trying to do?
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      Thanks Jade,

      I have my website address here but people are commenting on wanting to PM me and that I cannot work out. I think they are used to doing that with the normal FB contacts but the option is not there for Pages.

      I appreciate your efforts to help me
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    Hi Mary,
    you would need to create a facebook "app" and add it as a tab to your facebook page.
    in general, you need:
    1. to create a page (520PX wide) on your website (not FB, your stand alone site).
    2. in this page locate a contact us form or simply your email address.
    (you can use html code like mailto:youremail@email {dot} com).
    3. search youtube on "how to create facebook app, follow it and add your page from #1 as the content.
    4. add your app to your facebook page (name it "contant us" or similar)
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      Thank you GClass - looks like it's a good strong cup of tea required task!

      I will give it a go
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