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Does anyone else have a movie related site?

If so would appreciate some questions answered if you'd be so kind!

How can I make money on my site, I've got links to amazon, adsense no CPA yet, the site has no content but what's the best way of making money on a movie site? Is it to have a big movie database which points visitors to a different site? If so how do I get the big database and make money on it?

Thanks but this is baffling me!!!

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    I think the most important aspect you need to develop Is user interaction in user interest in your site. Without that you are chasing search engines and that can be very difficult. See if you can start talking to real people and get them to look At your site. Ask them what you could do better too Increase their interest in your site.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    As you questioned it shows you know already how to make money online I think Cpa is the best way to make money for this kind of site
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      I know the basics of how to make money and the site without any SEO is getting 30 unique views a day and it's been live for under a week, I was just wondering rather than having ads on the site how would I get a big database of movies and when the visitor clicks I could make money, if this is possible???
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