Windows VPS for Outsourced Teams?

by Dexx
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Hey Warriors,

I'm looking to secure a Windows VPS for my outsourcers to access the software tools I provide to them (in an environment I can control, monitor the logs, etc.)

But I've never setup a Windows VPS before. Just the normal Linux/WHM kind.

Anyone know if there's a good resource that explains how to go about doing such a thing and whether I need a full on dedicated server etc. in order for the windows programs to have enough resources to run smoothly?

Would I need to buy a new Windows licence to install on the server or would the server come with a Windows licence that I'd just sign-up, and start installing Windows software on?

Also would the outsourcers being logging in to the server itself to access the software, or would they have some sort of "remote login" software to just login to the windows OS itself (like if you were accessing your home computer from an office)

Any advice / resources on this would be appreciated! (I'm sure others would benefit as well)


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    Keep in mind that the pricing for a windows setup will increase based on the number of remote logins needed. and yes, you can simply install software just like a normal computer.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Thanks for letting me know!

    So in theory I would have one admin-level windows user and then one regular user (unable to install/uninstall programs but can access them) and then give my outsources a software client that allows multiple users to login and access the same regular account?

    Would that work?

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    Hey Dexx
    If you are looking for cheaper Win VPS options for running
    software, check here:windows – Low End Box

    The amount of RAM etc. will depend on the software you want to
    install and most will have a choice of WIN Server OS.

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    I'll check it out, thanks for the heads up!

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    try good prices for vmware based vds
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