The War Room worth it?

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So many warriors say that the War Room was the best investment of their lives. Do you recommend it for begginers? What I can learn there is something like step-by-step?

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    As I'm sure pretty much everyone else will say, the war room is a great investment. Tons of free information/resources and definitely great for beginners.

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    It is so cheap that it is a no-brainer. A best investment in my life? Don't know about that but there is some cool free stuff in warroom such as WSO's.

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    I have found the war room to be a great resource that I check from time to time. it was a 1 time investment for me and I have had access 4 a long time now. there is always something new as well as old gems to be found.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Absolutely worth the price for the value you get. Be careful that you don't get paralyzed by shiny object syndrome. It's like having access to a good archive of the best WSO's for a single entry fee....

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    I intend to upgrade to the war room shortly as I believe it is a great investment in my future business endeavours.
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    The war room is a great resource for beginners and certainly worth the price that you pay for....

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      The War Room is the BEST place for a newbie to start. I know from personal experience that I blew hundreds of dollars on WSO's before I realized its a much better long term investment to join the War Room.

      Newbies will most likely get information overload and paralysis of analysis, but after a couple weeks you'll be able to decide how to use the information and really begin to build your online business for real.

      Again, you need to look at internet marketing as a business and as such, it will take time, effort and investments to help you along the way.

      BTW, I still buy lots of WSO's but always products and information to help my business grow.

      Beware of S.N.O.S. --- Shiny New Object Syndrome.
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    Get It Get It Get It!!!

    It's a one-time fee, what are you waiting for?

    Get in now and you will gain access to a world of free stuff that is worth the price and beyond. You have the access for life so you can keep checking as new posts are added.
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    I noticed that you've already got your membership! Congratulations

    About you questions, it has been asked over and over, you can search for it and you will thank yourself for the investment you've just made
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    Yes I would say you should definitly upgrade to the war room.

    Many Warriors put there WSO's up for free there or post strategies for making money online.

    And as many other posters have pointed out it is a one time fee and you get membership for life.
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    Yes no doubt its a great source of information..get it!!
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    It is not worth it at all. DON'T DO IT

    please, stay here while I go enjoy all the awesome freebies in the War Room
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    I'm about to make the decision to purchase it. I think it's a great value and thought the subscription lasts 20 years, I think i'll be rich on the net by the time I make my second payment to the War Room.
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    Originally Posted by ebchuck View Post

    So many warriors say that the War Room was the best investment of their lives. Do you recommend it for begginers? What I can learn there is something like step-by-step?

    Beginners? Yes

    Step-by-step instructions: Yes (various)


    Not promoting right now

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    from what ive head it seems like a good investment
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    Without a doubt, well worth it. Probably the best money I have ever spent.
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      Originally Posted by Izaya View Post

      Since everyone is jumping on the war room membership bandwagon am going to play devils advocate. If you are a complete newbie it's probably worth getting. If you are not a complete newbie I would recommend getting off the form and actually doing things, you learn more by doing then reading. Watch out for information overload. War room membership is worth it if you plan on using the wso section and tend to use the form to communicate through PM. Preparing for flames in 3,2,1....
      I was wondering if there would be an alternative opinion, LOL.
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    wow even more postive responses...
    think i may purchase then
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    Definitely worth it. Tons of free and valuable information inside. Great for beginners.
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    Totally, absolutely definitely worth it. Aside from the information, there are lots of free programs which are not available to the general public as well as lots of reports which later become WSOs which are offered free there which you would have to pay for if you're not a member...

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    The War Room is not only worth it, it is a requirement for anyone trying to make money online. There are tons of free stuff, or stuff that's priced dirt cheap for war room members. Also, the knowledge spread in there for FREE is worth your time, believe me.

    for $37 -> great investment!
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      It's basically a library devoted to internet marketing.

      What's that worth to ya?
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    Originally Posted by ebchuck View Post

    So many warriors say that the War Room was the best investment of their lives. Do you recommend it for begginers? What I can learn there is something like step-by-step?

    This is the best $37 you ever spent
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    Hi Ebchuck,
    I just signed up for the War Room this weekend and have spent more than 20 hours in there just reading. There is so much free stuff in there it is just unbelievable! No matter what you are into, there will be plenty of reading material there for you. It was the best decision I made this weekend and the money is cheap. Seriously! I wish I had done it awhile ago. Just Do It!

    Nothing to put here .....yet! Watch this space.

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    You Bet ebchuck one of the best and cheapest investment i every made the wealth of knowledge in "The War Room" is Amazing

    Full of People willing to help and have great ideas.
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    Only if I had gotten in earlier. Its awesome man, jump in already.
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    One of the advantage of joining in war room is that you can post Warrior Forum Special Offers. In another word, you can sell your own products on warrior forum. So if you are an internet marketing master and want to sell your own staffs in Warrior Forum
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    War room is great.

    But you MUST take action.


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    Like you said, many warriors swear by the War Room and to be perfectly honest I just joined it as a quick WHIM and didn't put much thought into it since I do things like that all the time. Once in though, I couldn't believe the number of free reports and helpful posts that people post to help other War Room Warriors. It's worth it's weight in gold.

    Just my two cents!

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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    Actually I'm not sure I'd recommend the War Room for a complete newbie; that person will only suffer from information overload. BUT if you already have a pretty good idea of what you want to do online, then the War Room is the best investment you can make as an IM. EVER.

    PM me if you want a romantic fiction ghostwriter.

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    The war room is one of my better investments. Again, if you are new, build your first few sites with the free info and then you will enjoy even more the war room content
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    Tons of good stuff there. Literally a goldmine of quality information.

    (Plus you get a cool "War Room Member" sign underneath your username. )
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    You get more pms, the ability to post sales listings in the WSO, Classifieds, Warriors for Hire, Sites for Sale sections PLUS ... you get tons of great products/info all for $37.

    What's to debate?
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    I recommend it... it's worth the money, that's for sure... just a couple of products I've found there are worth that money...
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    You could purchase product after product
    for a lot more than the $37.00 investment.
    Here you get continued knowledge, and very useful downloads everyday.

    One more thing, Most warriors would not giveaway Junk in the War Room.
    Their reputation is at stake.
    Top Quality Products for Free after sign-up! Need I say more?
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    Oh nvm, I see you already upgraded.

    How ya like it so far?

    I mainly upgraded for increased PM storage. You cant run a business with a 10 message storage limit. Thats just impossible.

    LOL the rest of the stuff you get when you join is just a bonus as far as I'm concerned.
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    War Room = No-Brainer-Of-The-Century.

    What's funny is that every now and then someone will post that's its "all rehashed stuff" or that "it's not worth $37". Clearly, those people have not taken the time to actually go in there, do some reading and do some implementation and testing. People that are looking for push-button solutions or other such short-cut nonsense are going to be seriously disappointed in the War Room.

    Having access to Allen Say's marketing mind is easily worth the price of admission. His private posts material completely changed the way I do business (I bought the report several years ago and was happy to see it in the War Room). It's allowed me to give Google the bird and not rely on them for traffic by focusing on building my own network(s).

    Another thing to think about is the sheer number of WSO-like products, membership sites, software, and even WP templates which also make it a complete no brainer. The War Room is just a tool, a medium, and you'll only get out of it what you put into it.

    One caveat though: you can easily suffer from information overload if you're not careful. So make sure you are the type of person is who ready to start or grow a serious business because if you're not, you're going to get overwhelmed and you're not going to take any meaningful action.

    So only action-minded, focus, self-disciplined entrepreneurs should dare delve into the War Room vault of have been warned!

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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      Most of the comments are the same on here regarding whether the War Room is worth it or not. I appreciate the fedback definitely but as for people who are evaluating this rooms use maybe there could be a few other details that would help us to feel out this opportunity. Things like:

      1) How many people are members of the War Room
      2) How many of them are active (how to quantify that?)
      3) What are the various costs and opportunities with marketing there?

      If anyone could share some relevant info it would be appreciated....I am a mm a way from joining.Thanks
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    Originally Posted by ebchuck View Post

    So many warriors say that the War Room was the best investment of their lives. Do you recommend it for begginers? What I can learn there is something like step-by-step?

    You can benefit from the war room in a couple ways..

    1) You can get free - high quality information about online marketing

    2) You can build new relationships with potential business partners, clients, and coaches.

    3) You can market your product/services through a WSO. If you want to sell a WSO, you need to be a war room member.
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