Product Review Sites - Can You Compete Against NY Times?

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Before expending effort building a product review site, I am wondering how anyone can compete for organic search results with the likes of, which is linked in with About (.com) and the NY Times.

This does not seem do-able. Do folks here simply rely instead on adwords to drive traffic and not worry about organic search? Seems like "consumersearch" is taking over every niche in terms of organic search results.

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  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Wilson is not really an obstacle that would need thinking about. I have more problems with wikipedia. NYtimes should be similar to about.

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    Check the backlinks to the page, not to the domain, there's always a huge difference there.

    It's possible to outrank anything.

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    Consumersearch have a lot of authority, but you don't need to be in #1 to get traffic.

    AdWords is very expensive. If you were going to go with PPC for review sites, you'd better of going with Adcentre.

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    I don't usually see Consumersearch when I look for Amazon niches. That's not to say that they're unimportant but there's plenty of niches where they're not even on the first page. I wouldn't worry about them too much honestly.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. Write a better review. Create a better site for your niche. Build better backlinks to individual pages. Target different keywords than the authority site's pages.

    There will be an authority site in any niche, or at least a major site that covers the topic in some way or fashion. If you want a niche with no authority site, you won't find a niche with all that much traffic ... or it's brand new (which is can be a great move/find, but hard to do - and then authority sites will enter that niche as well).
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    Yes, you can beat those sites easily. I have. You're not going to do it with backlinks from crappy article directories though.
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    I agree with cooler1, who says you have to be #1 to drive traffic to your niche, positions 2 -10 also drive traffic. And why worry about consumer research, you are creative, find a way to be better than them to also get these and even better backlinks.

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    It's simply a matter of better and more quality backlinks and equal or better on-page seo, do a backlink report with a tool like seo spyglass to see how targeted their backlink anchor texts are. I outrank consumersearch for several products so it can be done. Keep building backlinks and be patient.

    Also go after the long tails, they are easier to dominate and convert a hell of a lot better.
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