[Paypal Q.]How does receiving money through Paypal work?

by Incoan 3 replies
Ok, so I received money.

It is logged in the "Payments received".

However, in "My account" it says PayPal balance: $0.00 USD.

Do I need to click on "withdraw funds"?
Do I just need to wait till the money "automatically" gets delivered to my bank account? (It still hasn't reach my bank, judging from what I saw when I logged in there.)
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    Maybe you just need to wait a couple of minutes? Sometime it takes a while till the money will be updated in the "PayPal balance". Did you get an e-mail from paypal informing you that funds were received?
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      Might depend on what you were getting paid for too.

      Sometimes with things like ebay auctions, you have to wait a time period before the funds are released to your account.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Maybe you have your currency set to something else therefor your USD balance is zero but it's not to say you don't have other money in another currency.
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