New to paypal India... need help !

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hello friends,
I just created a paypal account with an email ID. Now i have some curiosity. Please help me-

(1) When I need to link my paypal for reciving my payment (or other transitions) in a site like a microstock site... Do I have to give my complete email account to in desired place to receive payments to my paypal account or what ?

(2) My country (India) currency is not mentioned in the lsit of currency in paypal... So do I have to convert the foreign currency into my local currency after recieving my payment or paypal automatically converts the foreign currency like dollar to my local/country currency ?

(3) Will I have to request for payment to paypal each time I get a payment in paypal or they themself transfer the money to my linked local bank account ? Though I have marked the option (while creating Paypal account) for automatic payment by paypal to bank. Yet want to confirm it.

(4) Can I withdraw money from my bank account by my ATM as i do usually once the payment has come to bank account or there is some different procedure to withdraw money from bank ?

I know friends.. It might seem silly for some of you but I am totally new to paypal and residing in a distant rural place. so none has any knowledge here about online money transfer,paypal,MB etc.
So i hope you wont mind me asking such questions here and will be helped by you all as i have been since i have joined this fabulous informative site.

Thanking you.
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