Whether you have a LITTLE money or A Lot for an online venture, The First thing you always do is...

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...create some sort of plan or blueprint!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people neglect to see the need for some sort of plan.

It is also the part that just about every student I have ever had has complained about and resisted at first, but then later thanked me for as the key to their success.

Your plan/outline/blueprint does not have to be a long drawn out thing, but you DO need some sort of direction.

This way you NEVER ask the question

"what do i do next"

and you NEVER run across an unexpected expense. You know what you need before you need it.

It forces you to think things through and avoid mistakes.

Success is never a result of a home run the first swing, nor is it any one single thing you do.

It is consistently doing a series of small things, that when they all work together bring you the achievements you are striving for.

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You can not IMPROVE what you do not MEASURE, you can not MEASURE what you do not PLAN, you can not PLAN what you do not KNOW
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    Great post and excellent advice. Sticking to the plan would be the biggest hurdle that many marketers can't jump. Buying a new WSO or Clickbank product per week can send you in 50 different directions. I used the 6 steps in Think and Grow Rich to help me devise my short and long term plan.
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    if there is any "secret" to success you just shared it.

    John Maxwell says there are TWO things we spend our lives doing

    1) Making Decisions
    2) Maintaining them

    Its easy to make the decision to buy that wso, and even begin doing what it says....MAINTAINING the decision to do it every day is where there fox slips in, and where the profit slips away...
    Get LEGIT! Make 6, 7 or 8 FIGURES Per MONTH
    Just Like The Other Students I Mentor Do!

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