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Hi Warriors,

Like a lot of you that will read this post. I to struggled with alot of problems when starting out in the internet marketing world. For a couple
of years I struggled to make money online because i didnt see the total picture.

In my mind in those days I had a minimalistic mindset and didnt think about business like I do these days. I am sure that alot of you think that all the new courses released on how to make 10K in month will get you there. The truth is that only 2% - 5% of online entrepreneurs succeed.

I am not saying that the courses don't I am quite confident that most of them do work. The problem though is that you have to start and see your business as a real business where you create value for your clients.

I am not a fan of getting and making money by not supplying value. I neither claim to be a guru of somekind. But I have studied the experts in the fields. Note that I dont follow the so called guru's if you do some research on them you will come to the conclusion that they misuse their powers.

For me the real gurus outhere deliver on what they promise and you will be suprised that they arent the ones out there driving in their ferraris and making names like hollywood stars.

My point with this article is. When I Applied the method that so much real online entrepreneurs told me. I started a business that propelled me to things I never dreamed on achieving. I wont go into figures on how much I make etc.

My tip to you is to learn about the Strategy Of Creating Value for your clients. Don't bother to make a big sale on the front end. Instead focus on taking your client through a journey and make him a client for years.

The only way to achieve that is by creating value.

Alex Fields,
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    This is something I think needs to be repeated over and over again before it sinks in with most people. You must have a total shift in mindset in order to be successful in this or any other business.
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    Internet Marketing is really saturated now so you must think to create something unique to attract people to your offers.
    Personally I hate hype, and i think building a trust is important to keep people coming for more.
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