similar domains a good idea?

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Let's say I have a domain #1 called learn[skill-name-here].com and on that domain I sell an ebook for a one time payment and have collected email addresses.

Now let's say I bought another domain #2 named learning[skill-name-here].com and on that domain l will open up a monthly membership site and market it towards those on my email list collected from domain #1.

My question is this, is it a good idea to have similar domain names? Domains #1 and #2 are the same niche and the only difference between domain #1 and domain #2 is the spelling of the word "learn" for domain 1 and "learning" for domain 2.
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    There's nothing inherently wrong with that. Will you try to position the 2nd site as unaffiliated with the 1st site? If so, then the similarity might work against you. If not, then the similarity will obviously be a plus as the 1st domain will already be (hopefully) held in high regard by the members of your mailing list.
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    That is a good tactic and I've seen it many times now.

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    My opinion: forget about getting cute with 2 domains and cross-promotion. I would say it's better to do it all under one domain. Use the ebook as a front-end product and the membership as additional/upsell or product #2 or whatever.
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    That's a good idea. I don't see anything wrong with that either.
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    You can have as much domain as you wanted. The only concern is using the list that you have gathered from the previous site. Before doing email marketing, be sure that owners of the emails gave their permission since they have entered their email address for the different product.
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    I had a problem with Google regarding similar domains on the same hosting account and build in the same way.
    They just send most of the traffic to one of the sites, disregarding the other.
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    I think this may be a good idea on the long run. Of course you will need unique content on both of them but may turn around as a great investment, because you have two of them, if one of them fails the other may become a success.

    You've got to burn to shine

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    Sure if you want to create twice as much work for yourself.

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    One good domain and invest on it a bit and I believe it will do better than 2 similar ones.
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