Serious about building that Massive Mail List? Where to turn for Excellent HELP!!

by Msands
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It's all good how being here on the WF shows us that we need to build a massive list to have a good business foundation going for ourselves. But so far I haven't seen any good ideas on how to generate that list...

Check this out...I posted my comment on a particular thread, "How Frank Kern Makes Millions". The initiator posted that Frank got his millions simpl by building his massive email list

But check this out...Mr Internet Guru himself (Jim Cockrum) left his comments also...He basically said to achieve a 7 figure income (as he has) 80% of the effort is in the list building...See for yourself (Click HERE to read his Post #22). My Post is #13

Jim offers an ebook that I wish I could give to you all for FREE...but that would be so illegal. You all should buy his book if you want to learn how to build your list..(the creative and less expensive way). The cost is only $5 now, but this a 100pg, full of amazing information that you can't pass up kinda deal...THIS IS REALLY A STEAL...believe me!!!

I've written my review of his eBook. If interested read for yourself by clicking HERE.

Leave a comment below if you can attest to the fact that Jim Cockrum is really one of the world's best Internet Marketing guru that knows what he's talking about...
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