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I am very new here,just a question before i spend my money.
has any one bought Auto Profit Machine, cost is $50 and is it ok?

also i see a new program out called the code sells for $100 looks the same as APM.

Not sure to spend my money.

Regards Steve
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    Hi Stiffa
    welcome to the fourm
    if you are new to internet marketing id be a little aware
    of buying any automated products before you know the basics,
    it's totally up to you of course, plus you may already know how to use them, im only going on from my experience when i first started out.
    sorry i cannot give you any feedback on your question, as i havn't used any of these products before
    all the best
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    Hi stiffa,

    even though I am also relatively new in this forum,
    I would suggest NOT to put your money into any
    program that promises:

    - to make money on autopilot
    - to make money instantly
    - to make money overnight
    - secret push button software that makes you $$$

    As far as other money making strategies, read
    this blog post by Jim Cockrum (Most Trusted IM Marketer
    by independent review company IM ReportCard)

    Affiliate marketing IS NOT a business | Jim Cockrum Blog

    Good luck to your ventures.

    After all it is the truth that matters the most.

    Get the truth and right direction for Your affiliate journey.

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      Originally Posted by HonestAffiliate View Post

      - to make money on autopilot
      - to make money instantly
      - to make money overnight
      - secret push button software that makes you $$$
      don't generalize man..

      there's some WSOs on this forum that help you to achieve the points you mentioned.

      You only need to take ACTION.

      Concerning your question, i suggest going the the product review section of this forum.


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    Do yourself a HUGE favor and join the War Room!!
    Thank me later" don't forget tho!"
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    Welcome to the forum. All the information you need is in this forum. Be wary of buying automated stuff.
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    Hi Stiffa,

    Be wary of buying someof this automated software, as it rarely works sadly. If you wish to automate parts of your business, then invest in an autoresponder for your emails, and then look in warriors for hire section, and see who you want to outsource some of your other tasks, assuming of course you can afford it.
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    Think about it. Just the name screams scam to me. Is there really a machine that spits out an automatic profit? Yawn.

    Internet marketing takes work and anything that implies that you can make bundles on autopilot without work is probably not going to work as described.

    Browse around and read about the various ways to make money online and find something you're interested in doing .... then learn what you need to learn about that.

    Joining the War Room will save you a ton of money that you won't need to spend on auto-profit thingys.
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    Hi to all my new friends i am new to this site and here to share my experience....
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