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I have one client who asked me to get 1k likes on this fan page, i gave them international and worldwide likes in 40$,,,,Is that worth for him ? or should increased the rates
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    I think that's too little. You should definitely increase the rates. you're getting paid $0.04/like. It's not easy to get 1000 likes to what he pays should reflect the work done. My friend gets paid $1.20 per like at least. Not that bad.
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      Thanks for the information, but i do this work and i have many clients who need work ,if you also want to see the result of my work,then plz Pm me. Thanks
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        Depends on their media plan, assuming that they have one.

        First, you may want to determine their reach/frequency goals. From there, you can determine what kind of GRPs/TRPs schedule they wanna run. $40 CPM is not exactly cheap either, so you better convince them that each "like" is worth more than an impression on TV or in a magazine, etc. Better yet, see if you can bill based on CPP instead of CPM, as that will pad numbers to your favor given that each "like" builds coverage/reach and not just pure ratings, which include duplication.

        What I have to say most of the time is probably not what you want to hear. Then again, I'm not trying to make a buck off of you either.

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    I think it depends on how much work you put into getting those likes.

    Remember that you don't want to lose potential customers because of high prices.

    If you don't need to do much work in getting like for your customers? i suggest that you stick to $40 because you can go to fiverr and get 1k likes for like $15 which is 3 separate gigs.

    Best regards.
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    Hi linksbuilder12,

    You need to figure out what your time is worth. How long does it take you to get the 1000 likes? Would the client be willing to pay a bit more if you could do it faster? That could open up opportunities for you to outsource some of the work.

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    I can do 1k likes in just 2 to 3 days and clients pays me 40$ for this. Thanks
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    It depends on how much time you spent on it. If you could do it faster then your client will probably pay you more. It depends on your client anyway, try to negotiate with him/her.
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    Rite now i am happy with my clients as my rates for fan page are cheaper so today i got bigger project of 25k likes,,,,,,,,Thanks to all of you for your suggestion
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