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A few times I nearly have.

Somedays I really got lost. I would hate the feelings of mastering this learning curve right from the bottom.

I am still right at the beginning of this exciting buz.

For about 5 mnths nothing much changed.

Show up each day, write some content, read everything I can.

Joined the war room.

Took on board the advice not to spread myself to thin but to focus on work thing at a time.

Suddenly things started to get exciting really quickly.

My facebook went from 1k fans to almost 1600 in a few weeks, real fans.

Emails arrived asking me for coaching.

I sent out my free report and got 100 people on my list.

I sent out an exclusive to opt in people email called how to be happy at Christmas.

I got invited to speak on empower radio in the States.

2 well known authors contacted me back to say yes they would guest blog and one of them shared and article of mine on her fb page, brought me hundreds of visitors to my site.

my adsense went from $1 a month to making a couple of dollars a day.

my traffic is up to around 300 visitors a day with a low bounce rate.

My site is getting a new design.

Many times I have read these types of posts and they have given me lots of hope and determination to go on.

The next few years are just about surfing this amazing industry and absorbing as much as I can.

So if your in a slump today. keep reading, keep asking for advice and help.

and a huge thank you to people in here that have helped me so much.

My present goal is to build my list and ensure the relationship with my list is outstanding.

My future goal is to upsell to that list.
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    That's a great post!

    This is what I'm trying to do now. I haven't made any good money yet (about $20 total in Adsense) and my two blogs (both created on 9/13/2011) have just received their first page rank (1). I've been trying to add content everyday. I have to say that blogging has been a lot of fun. I just hope that it eventually pays off.
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    It just shows that you have to go through some hard times but perseverance pays off! Is love to know the true stats! They say 95% of people fail, id love to know the percentage of that 95% that quit inside 6 months.
    Anyway great post, wish there were more posts on daily basis like this in the WF, no matter where you are in this business its always good to read about others successes, great motivation! Thank-you
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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    Great post, thanks for the inspiration!!


    Learning Fast Right Here :)

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    Great post. Good to hear the success stories instead of all the negative stuff. Keep it up.
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    "A few times I nearly have."

    Same here, this reminds me of a quote I heard.
    The quote went something like this,

    "Successful people and unsuccessful people both have in common
    the fact that they hate to do what it takes to be successful."

    So we might as well choose success and I love that word.
    it separates the men from the boys so to speak.

    Good post carolf,
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    Congratulations! I'm glad things are picking up for you.

    Took on board the advice not to spread myself too thin, but to focus on work thing at a time.
    This part is so true. It's easy to try to do everything that looks like it might work, but as the proverb goes, "He who chases two rabbits catches neither." I'm still guilty of trying to do too many different things, though.

    Thanks for your post.
    Signature specializing in health and home improvement.
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    Well said. I needed to hear that today.
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    This post is an inspirational to me and should be to many other warriors. I was touched by the words when reading this and I heard the Rocky theme music in the background playing. You my friend are a warrior and have the heart of a champion.

    It is moments like this when you start to see momentum build that you must stomp down on the pedal and increase your speed by working smarter and concentrating on building a system that you can see yourself running instead of working in. Keep going on the business model that you are mastering and you will continue to see an increase in your success.

    Incredible job so far...
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    That's real awesome carolf. I'm very happy for you. Your story will inspire many people.
    A superhero is someone who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, then pick up his sword, and fight again!
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    You either have to learn the right way from a trusted pro, or learn by experience. If you learn by experience it can take up to 5 years, but in the end could be worth it. My best advice for a starting point is to put out really, really good content. Forget trying to write it yourself. Pay for it and have it done right. This can solve a lot of problems.

    "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve".
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    Carol - I like everything you wrote, but probably the MOST important bit of advice was contained in just these four simple words
    Originally Posted by carolf View Post

    Show up each day
    If more people would do just that one thing, more people would be successful.
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    Don't give up is true if you know "You are on Right Track" If you are not on right way and you keep on trying for it, it will not help.
    If you know where you are working is good its just what you are doing need to be improved you can keep trying and don't give up.

    For example I decided to quite blogging as I was working on it for almost 80% of my total time and was'nt getting the results what I could easily get with half work in my main filed SEO.
    So its better to choose correct field and work on it.
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    Without vision....It's impossible to meet your expectations....

    I was only day dreaming that time that I was sitting in a soft office chair doing some reports, making a huge money, and talking with my clients...

    I never thought that day dreaming would brought me to where I am now....
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      Congrats Carol on your success and your attitude !

      You didn't mention about your earnings so far.....if you are not doing well yet, I'm sure you will do fine if you "don't give up" and focus on your plan !

      Your site have a lot of links that are not working, though
      Get Instant Access to over 500 PLR, FREE Resell Rights Products Now!
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    I just want to join the chorus line of people that are congratulating you on your success. Nothing makes me happier than logging on over lunch and hearing another IM success story (well... nothing related to WarriorForum, anyway )

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    Congrats man, keep up the good work!

    One great resource to get me pumped up everyday is Tony Robbins!

    Watch all his videos and you'll get motivated. He got tons of vids on youtube.
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    I love hearing stories like that, congratulations. Keep up the good work, you are on the right track!
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    Thanks for your inspiring post.
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    very motivating post indeed !! impossible is nothing !! all the best to you and everyone here..
    Winson NG
    CEO/Founder of
    Online Business & Entrepreneurship News, Advice, Strategy Think Maverick
    Information to guide start-up entrepreneurs to grow and strategically manage a small business online, using market researched Intelligence.
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    Motivational posts sure are welcome!
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    Congratulations Carolf! And thanks for the inspiration.
    Keep up the good work.
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    Hi Carol,

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing! As I tell all my friends, partners and clients. Persistence pays! You only ever truly fail if you give up entirely. Everything else is just part of the journey and the learning curve.

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    Wohooo.... Congrats.... Its really a nice post.... Thanks for sharing it.... Its motivating for me.... As i also not getting Adsense income yet... but still trying and not losing hope... one day it will be beneficial for me... after reading you past now m more motivated.... and as you said reading is very important... m agree with you completely..... thanks for such stuff....
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    Awesome post! Thank you for sharing and giving hope to newbies just like me.. appreciate the honesty and for being humble
    [URL=""] Rommel Asuit- Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Consultant/URL]
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    Fantastic post!

    I can remember taking the exact route myself!

    Once you come out the other side and relise you finally made it, its a brilliant feeling
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    If you give up you gain nothing. Thing is with failure, it is all part of the lessons you need failure to know how to succeed. It is not about failing, everyone fails at some point, it is about how you fail...did you learn from it. Failure holds the root of success.
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    This is exactly what I needed to hear, I'm a newbie and I'm putting alot of thought into this if even I should give IM a shot, because as the other dude said 95% fail and quit, I hope I can keep working on it like you did and not give up, anyways I'm happy to hear you finally succeeded
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    Congrats on your success...IM takes time and some major focus not everyone will succeed because they quit before the success hits them!

    I make $5,000+ a month online [CLICK HERE] to see how you can do the same starting today!

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    very inspiring boss,
    success will only come to those who actually pursue..
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