Who are the best "info product creation" teachers?

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Well Hello Fellow Warrior,

I'm interested in creating my own information product teaching all the different methods I've used and am currently using to build my list and make sales.

I know about upsells and one time offers and such, but I'm not sure how to put it all together. I'm used to marketing, not buying and studying the processes of info products.

So what are the best ways to go about it and/or who are the best people in the industry to learn from on the topic of info product creation?

Thanks in advance,
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    Eben Pagan is pretty much an info product creation guru in his own right.
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    Lol, I also came in here to tell you "Eben Pagan"

    Just sign up for his list and study his DYD catalog, you can have a masterclass in marketing for free. The guy's an absolute genius.
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    Originally Posted by FromBrokeToRich View Post

    who are the best people in the industry to learn from on the topic of info product creation?
    Off the top of my head? Jeff Walker, Kevin Riley, Brad Spencer, and... um... me. All my product creation stuff is off the market right now, though, so go with one of them.

    Brad Spencer in particular has a free show at TalkMarketingNow.com (as do I), so I'd start there. You can get a good feel for what and how he teaches from his show, and then decide whether he's right for you or not. Kevin Riley's courses are relatively inexpensive, so I'd step up to that if you decide not to go with Brad, and then Jeff Walker is the "Product Launch Formula" guy so you can expect to go $2,500 in the hole on that one. But start with the less-expensive options to reduce your risk and sunk costs.
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    Why do you need someone teaching you how to create a product? You know the methods you have a list It's not hard lol.

    Just brainstorm the chapters on notepad, example

    squeezrpage creation
    product creation
    traffic building

    Just brainstorm the chapters, than use open office to write about each chapter, and save it as a pdf, use screenshots aswell. Use Hypercam 2 it's free to create videos on each chapter.

    Creating a product isn't that hard, it just takes time and motivation.
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    Originally Posted by FromBrokeToRich View Post

    ...or who are the best people in the industry to learn from on the topic of info product creation?...
    Hi Dan,

    I can not determine who's the best. You know, everyone is the best in their fields.

    But to give you a suggestion, from the many great people I know I'd advise you to see Kevin Riley's 'Product Creation Labs' series. Well written and useful.



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      I really liked Jason fladliens stuff - it's very direct, practical and he believes in simplicity. He makes everything very do-able.

      I know 7 minute articles is still out but not sure if his product creation worshop is still available you would have to Google it.
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    I would add Jimmy D. Brown to that list... although it seems he is pulling out some of his good products about product creation... but I would also like to add that you don't really need a guru to tell you what to do... why not using your own brain? also, you can learn a lot by checking other people's products... how they are structured, which type of content is inside, how they are made, etc... plus, I would say it also depends on what type of products you are making (ebooks, videos, membership sites, etc)...
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