How Do You Record Interviews?

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Hey everyone,

I'm launching a new business venture that involves the advice of business experts, and I'm scheduled to conduct interviews (not in person) next week with 2-3 people.

I've never recorded any interviews before, but I need to learn how to do it soon so that I can include these interviews on my blog and in my newsletters.

What's the best way to record interviews? Skype? Instant Conference?

Also, if someone wants me to call into his own line, is there a way I can record the call?

Thanks for the help!
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    I use skype and powergramo pro. Lets you record both sides on a different track which helps fix the inbalance in levels. Use a usb headset- that gets nice voice quality.

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      Hello JCW,

      OK here you go...

      Note:: This is not an affiliate link or anything just a link that goes DIRECTLY to the Free Conference Call Line

      Anyway, this is a great service and will work great for you and YES it recorded the convo for FREE and will email you an MP3 of the call.

      Just remember to look at "Codes" to see how to turn on the "record Option"


      When entering the line hit " *9 " (don't remember actual numbers)

      This has been great for me in the past. Also, SYKPE works and I know people who swear bye it when only havin 1-3 people on but I believe the "Free Conferene Call Line" is the easiest to get going...

      Hope this helps..

      Kevin DaSilva
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    I agree with Kevin. is really good. I use it to record all my conferences and it's easy to pull the mp3 file from the control panel. There are also other features on there also. If someone invites you to a conference call, there will be no way for you to record it unless that person gives you the recorded call after your done.

    Use a usb headset- that gets nice voice quality
    I've been using headsets with the regular jack plugins. The voice quality comes in and out sometimes. I will try a USB headset next time.
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      Hey guys,

      Thanks for the tips -- I'll look into those options.



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        Hey JCW,

        although you already got an answer to your question, I'd just like to give you a second since I recently did an interview for a book I'm writing (with Rosalind Gardner, which was awesome).

        I use Google Talk for the conversation (which is nice because it's free), and vEmotion Basic to record it ( vEmotion Basic is $20, just a one time fee. As long as the program vEmotion is open, it will automatically start recording the convo as soon as you 'call' the person, then end and save it when you 'hang up', so you don't have to worry about anything. It records great, and using the $30 headset I picked up from Best Buy there were no problems with the audio when I went to transcribe it.

        Hope that helped. A second option if nothing else..

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          Can someone say me anything about SkypeCap. I was adviced, but can't take one's chance)) Any suggestions would be appreciated
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