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somthing i want to do after reading a post from someone not doing so well

1 i would tend personally to ignore anything that says get 10,000 in ten minutes lol its impossible i think ?if not let me know !! HOWEVER you cn make some money as i have !!not alot but some
however as like anything you gotta put ure back into it and want it if you do u will come good but please would people not listen to things that are simply not true

like and old saying

if it sounds to good to be true it probably is!!!!!!!!
i feel better now i said it thanks for your time owen
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    i highly doubt anyone on this forum has posted saying they can make $10k in 10 minutes...so if you're here just to up your post count for whatever reason, stop.
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    I read the OPs post twice and still didn't understand what he hell he said. Was there a question there or what. Maybe prashie91 was right and it was just a ploy to up the post count.

    The amazing thing was tthe subject was "be sensible" and then he wasn't in the slightest. So why the hell did I respond? Damned if I know.

    Tim Pears

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    cool it, guys...

    owen responded to some people complaining about not making a fortune immediately like they were promised on some sales page.....

    long time ago i also fell for a few of those.....
    Ex-ghostwriter now writing exclusive PLR ebooks - Limited PLR Club
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      I've seen those B4, but not on the WF- they would get called out quickly here.

      Common sense is all you need to sift thru those.

      And yes, for some "superstars of IM" it could be true... but you have to remember how many years and dollars they've invested B4 reaching a "flash in the pan" day like that.

      One big launch can bring that and more, but only after a whole lot of planning, buzz, and experience.

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    Absolutely right Eric.

    Well spoken - if you are a newby marketer the best thing to do is research, plan (a real business plan) DON'T get suckered into parting with cash and carefully invest only in yourself and tools for your business.

    The only way to success is to give great value, build rapports and contacts and gain momentum slowly but surely. It's all about moving up the IM triangle 1 step at a time.

    I wont name names - but a few of todays gurus were already millionaires/close or had means to wealth BEFORE they began, so their sales letter tales ARE probably true, but it is just they had massive potential to create instant leverage quickly.

    You can achieve success - as long as the "suc" doesn't mean "suckered".

    Regards all


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    Re: Be sensible!!!!!!!
    RJG is right!

    You need to update yourself constantly. The best way to succes is to learn directly from the top, directly from the milionaires. If you need to spend money on seminars or marketing books (top ones), then do it.

    I recently joined a 5k seminar from matt bacak, and it really gets me results.

    So my advice to new marketeers, just keep updating yourself. The more you learn, the more you upgrade into a great marketeer.
    "If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we'd all be millionaires."

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    haha no not trying to up my post count as you say dont really even know what that means or how it would benifit me!!!!

    i was meaning any of these untrue deals which there are plenty of out there sorry i didnt state that i did not mean on the warrior forum.

    but i read an email from a guy that did fall for a couple of these total scams and paid threw the nose for it what i was trying to tell people was
    like i said in the top post
    if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.
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    Agree. I am particularly wary of all the supposed screen shots of income. And the PPC "gurus" nearly always use sales as "income". This is bull. Sales in this case is not income.

    Private Note Buyer buying mortgage notes in all 50 states. http://www.us-note-buyer.com

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    Well said Owen (even if obscurely)

    A lot of people are so desperate to make it in IM, they will just about believe anything they are told. It's actually really sad when you think about it.

    And don't even get me started on those scams where you've won the european lottery etc. I've never been able to understand why people fall for those. Again desperation mixed in with a sprinkling of greed.

    If it walks like a duck etc

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