How much such domains cost?

by zaco
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How much a domain like / cost? These are only examples.. I found a relaly brandable domain and they are asking for 900$ for it..
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    There are so many great domain names out there that haven't been registered yet - I would be creative and find one of them and register it at Godaddy and save yourself $893.

    What is the appeal of beebee or notnot? Surely there are lots of repeated three letter words that haven't been registered yet.


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      There are however other benefits that comes with having an aged domain and they are almost always "algorithmic" and tied to the search engines trust rank.

      I checked the and it's 11 years since the first reg date and that's one parameter that can make it easier to e.g SE rankings. If that's what you're after i.e.
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    Thank you guys! great responses..yea the domain I am looking was registered since 1997.. I like to collect domains tho I don't really make money out of is just a bad habit lol btw I have few domains that I would like to get rid off and they are pretty you know any site that I can list them on, except sedo and flippa?
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    Digital point forum moves a lot of domain names.
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  • Profile picture of the author Wisden Writers can be used as brand name but does not makes sense and don't worth $10 as well. ( Just my opinion )
    Until you are very sure about your goals with the domain don't go for such names
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    I think that if you can buy an aged domain at a cheap price that reflects your business or keyword then your in with a massive head start on any seo. However, if its not relvent, aged or keyword strong forget it. Brandable is subjective.

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    domains are very important and a good investment. buying a good name for a price will only increase increase in value. my2c
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    In this days in internet, domains have normally the same price, it have around $70 per name,this price for the firs two years and than it have renewal fee in $35.
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