PRWeb vs 24-7 Press Release ? which way to go ?

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hi warriors,

I have been considering PRWeb after all of research.

However, I want warriors feedback on these two packages : Advanced Package ($200) & Premium ($360)

I have been searching for ours on the difference, but I am not sure i get it.

If you go with $200 package, are you getting featured on News websites like USA Todays , ... etc

I want to go with one of these two package but not really sure. I read if you got video the $360 is the way to go, but my question what if you don't get a video ? would it make any difference.

I also want an opinion on 24 -7 press release for warriors who tried their service ? any feedback, i searched many websites, not a single feedback (good or bad that tells about their service), in the same time their packages sounds better than PRWeb.

looking forward for your insights

Thank you in advance for your help
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    After a brief glance at the website, I hate to say it, but it looks like the bulk of what they do is building lists and then spamming them with stuff their paying customers create.

    The whole point of Public Relations is authority/credibility. That's why the idea is to take your story to a major news outlet in the hopes that they will do a story - because people are more likely to trust a major news outlet/source than some random article they read on the internet or some email they get from some business. I looked around, and it doesn't look like there are any real reasons why someone would trust a PRWeb press release any more than a random email they got, so I'm doubtful their huge list of "opt-in subscribers" is worth as much as you think. As far as sending your press release to major news outlets goes, can't you do that yourself? Better targeting that way too.

    I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it - just that the primary benefit may be the "SEO optimization" they offer as well as them helping you write a "better" article overall and not what you think it may be.

    What I have to say most of the time is probably not what you want to hear. Then again, I'm not trying to make a buck off of you either.

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    I've used the $200 SEO package on PR web twice and I'll likely use it again for certain things. As far as major outlets seeing it and picking it up, they only do it if it's a good story. The best way to get attention is by having it emailed directly to reporters and editors.

    for example - when we released a new product that was new and innovative with the SEO service on PR web, it got picked up in quite a few online publications. When we did a second release because the product won an award, it got picked up by fewer, so I think there is some human involvement in picking the articles. Our release showed up on sites like Yahoo News and The San Francisco Chronicle.
    Does PR web have a list they spam? probably in part - it doesn't look like spam on the larger news pages, though.

    The main point of the SEO release is for backlinks and some exposure that day. Some of the pages that pick up the articles actually spin the content (why I don't know) and some take out the keyword links for some reason. We did see a small boost in the serps for a few terms after we did it, and because I was very careful with the title of the release, one of the places it shows up online ranks for a long tail keyword.

    Do I still get traffic from a release I did 2 months ago - NO.
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    I have not used any of these services.

    Thanks OP for bringing this up. I will go and do my research before making a decision.

    200-250 a month is a good sum of money. So it must be good...

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