Is this good practice ?? What would you do??

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Hi All,
I have had the domain for a few years and have a site up which ranks very high for a lot of related search. I have been in the process of a complete re-design of the site and are about to launch in January 2012. I have changed the focus of the site to not only generate income from affiliate marketing but also to sell advertisement space to local business. I have registered the domain in order to do this. My plan is to pull down the old site when ready called and put up the new site This is where the question comes in. I plan to put the site on the domain and have a simple one page re-direct on the domian to the site. I hope this makes sense. Will google frown upon this and is it bad practice. My reason for doing this is that the original domain is well established and parts of the site will be much the same just the name change to to appeal to locals.

Thanks in Advance
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    Anyone with an opinion on this would be greatly appreciated.


    Peter Thompson
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    Hi there, Peter.

    I'm a newbie to this Internet stuff, but for what its worth, I'd keep the original Dot Com address and provide a prominent link somewhere on the Homepage toy your new site.

    Maybe a more experienced marketer will say different - and I bow to their experience - but it seems a shame to 'destroy' your hard-earned Google ranking.

    Hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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    I agree - suggest retaining your .com and developing that as it's already there and established.

    Could you use the for a separate purpose so the content is different/unique and give yourself to opportunity of an additional income stream.

    Good luck with it all whatever you decide to do.

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