Advantages of having another hosting plan? I have 1...

by thedog
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Hi guys.

Can someone please point out the advantages of having more than one hosting account.

I'm currently with hostmonster, and have never had a problem... I've around 15 sites with them, but only around 8 that I'm concentrating on.

Being black friday, there's a good deal over at hostgator... so, can someone tell me the advantages of having another hosting account...

I've only 2 sites making money, and am working hard on more... I expect to have around 5 - 10.

So... is another hosting account relevant to me?

The only thing I can think of, is being able to link to each other on separte ips...

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      Originally Posted by uncletiger View Post

      what do you means having another hosting account?
      Well, I have hosting with hostmonster.

      I believe that some people have a few different hosting providers... hostmonster, hostgator, blue host etc...

      With hostgators current sale, I don't want to be kicking myself for not getting it, IF, I need it....

      So, just wondering what would be the advantage of having hosting with hostgator and hostmonster.
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    There are no real benefits t hosting on separate hosting accounts. It's just that Hostgator really look after their customers and are streaks ahead with support. Hosting For Beginners - Mission0ps dot com | Mission0ps dot com
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    It looks like majority of happy warriors use hostgator so today would be definitely a good time to switch hosting providers.
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    I spread out my sites over 4 different hosts for a couple of reasons.
    So they won't all go down at once during downtime.
    Plus, what if one of your sites gets suspended for some reason? Your whole account might be taken down -This happened to me recently.

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      Originally Posted by rondo View Post

      I spread out my sites over 4 different hosts. What if they all go down at once? What if a site gets suspended for some reason?

      Yeah this is what I do too.

      My site are all split between several different hosts, always good to have your eggs in a lot of baskets... especially if you've got a lot of sites.

      It's also beneficial for linking purposes allowing your links between sites to be coming from separate IPs.
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    It's nice to have a backup in case something happens with your usual host. That way you can move your site quickly and not lose your SE rankings due to the SEs getting repeated 404 errors because your site's down.

    I've been with my favorite host for years and have had very few problems. One time, however, they were absolutely barraged by hackers and were down most of the time for a month. For the first week they kept saying they'd get things running again, but they weren't able to. Well, I'd dragged my feet on moving the site because I didn't have another hosting account ready.

    I ended up losing rankings rather badly and this was during the "high season" for my main site. I know I lost at least a couple hundred dollars just from that week of downtime and those rankings weren't so easy to get back either.

    My current backup is hostgator. I have only one site there, but so far (about a year now) so good.
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      We use 3 hosts as follows:

      1. Large number of sites spread across two hosts in case one experiences downtime or happens to disappear (it has happened in the past) - I can quickly recover with the second

      2. We have a third host that is specialized to support the Membership software platform we use -- it is more expensive, but they take care of making sure the membership software is always up and take care of things like PCI compliance, etc...

      We will also be moving to dedicated hosting over the next few months for a couple of our sites -- will try to stay with one of our hosts, but may go to a fourth.

      For shared hosting - we rely heavily on Hostgator today, for >5-years, very happy.

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        For me, almost all the reasons for multiple hosting boil down, one way or another, to "eggs and baskets".

        I don't believe most of what people claim about the alleged SEO considerations of hosting (apart from local hosting for benefits regarding national sites/searches, as Google advises openly).

        I divide the hosting of my sites between 5 places ...

        - Hostgator
        - Heart Internet (UK top-rated "Hostgator equivalent")
        - TypePad (my own favorite host)
        - Weebly (paid upgrade - a very good, professional, reliable host)
        - Byethost (also much underrated, in my opinion)
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          You can pick up a hostgator reseller or regular account today only for 50% off - good deal if you need another hosting account.

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            I wish I had done this years ago...

            Ongoing server outages destroyed the rankings (and earnings) of a 10 year old site.

            If I had known then what I know now - I would have had a 2nd and/or 3rd cheap host set aside as a backup.
            A quick DNS change would have sorted it out.

            Lots of money lost... Enough to pay for many years of hosting

            Noticed in another thread...
            If you choose to pay monthly, the 50% off is only for the first month.
            Pay a year or more upfront to get 50% off the whole deal.
            Maybe someone else can confirm?

            Best Wishes,

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