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I use DAP to manage two membership sites. Overall, I love it. But it's lacking one very important feature: the ability to have different commissions for one-time and recurring charges for a given product.

Example: I have a product that sells for a one-time price of $97, and then $9.95/mo after a 30-day trial of the monthly service.

I'd like to set a 50% commission on the one-time charge, and a 25% commission on the recurring charge. This is not possible with DAP currently, though I was just told it will be added as a feature in 4-6 months. I know that aMember Pro can do this, but I can't even begin to imagine how I'd switch from DAP to aMember Pro when I already have about 500 members signed up in DAP.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the meantime. I need to find a workaround, so I'm considering using Post Affiliate Pro. I have a couple of questions:

1) Can PAP do what I'm trying to do, i.e. have different commissions for one-time and recurring charges?

2) Does it integrate with 1ShoppingCart to determine whether a user is still signed up and being billed for the recurring charge?

3) What has your experience with PAP been in general? I've searched the forums and most reviews seem favorable overall.

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    Yes, Post Affiliate Pro can create the type of commissions you want with the use of bonus/performance/action commissions.

    In fact, I thought iDev would actually have these features already but I checked the website and it looks like they don't offer those types of configurations.

    Basically, the way you'll set it up with PAP is to create a 25% standard commission campaign (for your recurring 25% payouts) with an additional 25% bonus commission for each new initial sale...or any specific dollar amount you choose.

    Yes, you can integrate PAP easily with 1ShoppingCart but depending on the number of subscriptions you have already coming in, it could take some manual data entry -- but this depends on the way you have your site integrated with iDev now. But yes, it can be done. I'm just not sure to tell you exactly how to do it without knowing more about your current set up.

    You should be able to import all of your transaction data and your current affiliates into PAP, too. Check to see if your iDev installation allows you to export your data into a CSV file. If so, you're good to go and won't miss a beat.

    And yes, you can also use 1 installation of Post Affiliate Pro across multiple domains. You didn't ask this question but just to reassure you that people do it all the time and it works great.

    Obviously I'm biased as hell when it comes to Post Affiliate Pro. I've worked with it for 8 hours/day for the past 4 years with dozens of admittedly I'm not as objective as others might be.

    Hope this helps though. And keep in mind that PAP will let you sign up for a free account in order to get your programs set up to make sure it will work with your requirements. If you choose to use the hosted/leased version of the software, you can do it for just $18/month.

    Let me know that this helps. Call me anytime. Cheers.

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    There is actually a way to do this in DAP.

    You set the "Per-Lead" commission to be whatever is the difference. You can't set a percentage value, but has to be a hard number.

    So for example...

    Your product is $100.
    You want to give out 50% on first payment.
    25% on recurring payments.
    So difference in commissions between first and recurring payments, is 25% in your case. So 25% of 100 = $25.

    So in DAP, on the Affiliates > Commissions page, when you're setting the recurring commission for this product, set it as follows:

    Per-Lead Fixed: 25
    Per-Sale Fixed: <blank>
    Per-Sale Percentage: 25
    Commission Recurring: Y

    The "Per-Lead Fixed" is something that gets paid out only once. So you can use it effectively in this case.

    So your affiliate will get paid...
    a) $25 + 25% the first month
    b) 25% on all remaining recurring payments.

    Hope this helps.

    - Ravi Jayagopal
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