How Many Hours Do You Really *Work* in a Day?

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Hello Folks,
I would like to know how many hours do you REALLY work on your business in a day.

-I am not talking about the hours you sit in front of your computer, or the hours you spend watching videos or reading ebooks or buying products.

I am referring to anything that is benefitting your business like submitting an article or bookmarking your blog posts, selling products etc. Please feel free to elaborate on the activities that you primarily spend time on.

Many Thanks
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    For me, not every day is the same...

    Some days I will sit up all day, then stay up until 7 AM working. Other days, I won't touch my computer at all.

    It really depends. On average though, since I have a good deal of it all on autopilot, I would say about 2-4 hours (since I always have new sites I am working on)
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    Probably only 2-3 hours. But I sit in front of the PC Around 6-7 hours.
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    The last week or so I've had the flu, so can't say I've done any "real" work.

    Otherwise I can spend anything from a few mins to several hours, depends on what I'm doing. (I've pulled plenty of all nighters when I've been launching something)

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    I kept track of my *PRODUCTIVE TIME* yesterday and it ended up being little less than 2 hours. The areas that I mainly spent my NON PRODUCTIVE time were

    - Checking Emails
    - Figuring out how to make a software work
    - Youtube Videos
    - Reading Online News
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    I would say I work about 4-5 hours a day. I outsource a lot of things which real helps.

    DH Harris

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      Since I discovered offline gold I've been working about 10-12 hours a day trying to stay ahead of things. Last week I decided to try outsourcing....and basically delegated a week full of work in 2 hours.

      I really like this outsourcing stuff
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    For me, building websites then flipping them takes me four hours, but I find myself getting faster so I can probably get it done in two and half to three hours.
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    Honestly? Averaged out over the last 7 or 8 years?

    Probably half an hour a day.

    I ran it as a lifestyle business for way too long. Still do really.

    Doing 6 figures a year though. Would almost certainly have been 7 figures had I have worked it as hard as I should.
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    8 hours a day with 1 to 2 productive hours
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    Less than 1 hour a day... Seriously. Anything I do to BUILD my business is less than 1 hour a day because of the extensive team I have.

    But I do spend a lot of time for networking with other marketers, providing consultancy, learning new things and meditating. All are equally great ingredients for success... Including that it'd make it around 4 hours a day.

    Please note that I do not work on weekends for more than 10-15 minutes reading and replying to emails etc... So the actual weekday workhoursare longer.

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    I'd say around 2 or 3 hours also. It's a shame I'm out of town 4 days a week now so I need to work has been dramatically cut down and it reflects my income.
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    4 hours a day, not bad considering I run 3 businesses and about 12 sites,
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    Let's see... Since I read the 4 Hour Work Week
    I've cut way back... 4 hours divided by 7 is...
    about 40 minutes a day. I pay people in India
    to do all my thinking, writing and promotion.
    Mostly I just drive down to the bank to put the
    checks in.

    Kidding. I don't put in a huge amount of productive
    time but I do read a lot.
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    For me, it depends.

    Some days I will be online for 3-5 hours. Other days, I will be 2 hours. If you are just starting out, I would recommend that you stay longer hours to learn as much as you can because online there are a lot of FREE resources that you can use and it will help you learn more and be more informative.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've been having a few 8-13 hour days the past week, I'm really kickin' it up a notch.


    Gotta make it! Ain't no other alternative.

    For me my hours consist of getting some small funds (recently, I took half a day doing something simple for someone so I could get enough for my own WSO. A couple freebie sites, it took so long cause of crediting issues) and generating content and updating my webspaces.

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  • Profile picture of the author yourreviewer
    I should definitely start prioritizing my tasks and look to outsource them. Currently a number of small tasks that I should outsource are bottling up my time.
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    I am not a full time internet marketer yet so I still have a full time job. I work around 10 hour a day in a chocolate factory as a production manager (no it's not Willy Wonka!) and when I come home I normally work on my internet projects for at least 3-5 hours.
    I hope one day I will look back and can say it was all worth it!
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    • Profile picture of the author jjpmarketing
      Probably about 8 hours per day... but about half of that is non productive work like checking emails, doing research, etc. I am easily distracted by news articles and things like that... so in actuality I am probably only doing about 2 to 3 hours of real work per day.
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    45 miutes to an hour and a half is probably a good day. Of course the Pareto principle, the 80-20 rule, operates on itself as well, so of that time, only a fifth is really productive. In fact, often it's only a 5 minute conversation or procedure that really makes the difference. Everything else is leading up to or supporting that.
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    About 10 hours at my "proper job" followed by another 6 doing IM. Hoping to go full time IM soon. Nearly there...


    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    I work about 7-9 hours a day on the computer. Trying new programs and searching for the next "big ideal". You just never know!
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    Depends on the day - I try to meet a client, friend or prospect for lunch 3X a week minimum. That gets you off the computer and out of your office - it seems to work for me.
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