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Warriors, I'm taking a short break to write this.

The single most asked question on internet marketing forums would probably be...

How Can I Make X Per Day?

Then generic answers would probably be just listing off a bunch of methods that can bring in some revenue.

In my opinion people that ask these questions are approaching this industry in the wrong way. While the ultimate goal would be the product there are baby steps before this.

Such has having a viable business plan...treating this like a business (i.e using proper paid tools instead of free alternatives (such as free hosting).

Before you can think of how much to earn per day you should really think about how your going to approach your business...generic methods that you can talior fit & generally if you have the dedication and motivation to enter this sort of business.


P.S - Not Everyone Can Make Money Online. An Enterprising Attitude Is Needed.
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    very true

    once you take your eyes off the money, and work on the business, it will start producing money

    and if you do not have the right mindset,, sorry......

    right on the nail an all counts, jason
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