The Weirdest Hosting Issue ever

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So I recently signed up with host gator (black friday deal) and installed word press and pointed the domain name thinking everything was fine.

I tried next to access the blog through the web address and was unable to, so I decided to wait a day for it to propagate.

That was Friday morning so I decided to contact them and the agent on the line told me see was able to access it . She asked me to use a proxy site page wash and I was able to access and log in.

She then suggested a DNS flush and to change my host file (windows); didn't work, some other stuff and it didn't work either.

I ended up calling my ISP and tech support was able to access the site I am was still unable to (without a proxy). They reset the modem and some other stuff but I am still unable to access my own blog but every one else can!

Has this ever happened to anybody else using host gator? Am I missing something??:confused::confused:
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    It did happen to me before. My IP was blocked by the system for too many attempts to log in. Turned out it was my email program that had a wrong password in it and was trying over and over to log in, causing the server to believe that I was trying to force my way in. I just had my host unblock my IP and all was good.

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      I think you are on to something...

      When I placed the order I think my website was fine however I received an email that said my account was suspended and I needed to verify my billing information; I'm wondering if blocking my IP was part of the suspension?? I get on the line with them right now and figure it out.

      I'll let you know
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    It happened to me as well. Hostgator support could see my site but I couldn't. I could see everything as normal like 24 hours later.
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    maybe it needs to wait for a couple day after changed?
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      I had the same experience before.

      It turned out to be a delay in propagation.

      At one time I could view my site on the phone and not on the computer. They are connected via different ISPs.

      The problem disappeared a day later. I hope yours does the same.
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    No but it happened for me on
    They don't respond to emails.
    They take your money.
    Can't figure out how to access my blog.
    You get to the site and goes around around around makes you ffff ...dizzy.
    NOw I asked to refund, they said I had to wait another 30 days.
    And you call this sevice? LIE>>>>> WSO owner ......
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