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What do you think is the better domain strategy?

Choosing your name as a domain or a keyword focused domain?

I'm not looking to sell the domain ever and the subject matter is marketing advice.

I already have my own name as a domain with plenty of content, traffic, and a PR of 4. Thinking of starting a new keyword focused domain to do better with search traffic.

I can't help but to think about all the potential organic traffic I'd be missing by not choosing a keyword focused domain but I have seen people use their own names and still be successful (ie: John Chow, Chris Brogan)

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    If you don't go for a keyword domain you should definetly choose something small and brandable and easy to remember. the domain on your signature is not easy to remember so it's not good.
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    Since people are actually typing certain keywords when looking for information or services I tend to go with those for domains.
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    I always go for a keywords name, this will help you seo
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    If you are picking a domain name to do better with search traffic then go for the keyword domain. If you are looking for something you can brand offline or online then pick a "brandable" domain name.

    I agree with Mitsakis, your name is to hard to remember and spell to brand.
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    Depends on what you are focusing on long term. Choosing your name is great if you want to brand yourself and build a authority site. Choosing keyword focused domain is a Google sniper method. Its good for SEO and will be great for dominating sub niches with affiliate marketing.
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