Outsourcing 101 - Finding and Keeping the Right People

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An outsourcing website is only as good as the people it hires to do the work...

Your success with outsourcing, will only be as worthwhile as the person to whom you outsource your job...

The day you begin to outsource, you become like a McDonald's manager...

Think about any job you have had in the past...

There are some people who have come to work where you worked, and they have been:
  • Absolutely worthless;
  • People who ride the clock for a paycheck;
  • Individuals who are not committed to the success of their employers;
  • And possess other unattractive personality traits.

No one will ever be as committed to your success as you are...

And your long-term success will be measured by the quality of people you hire to work for you!!!

I had a lot of bad luck with outsourced workers until I realized that there is a valid reason for hiring people at a low-rate, and only increasing their pay rate as they proved themselves of value to my company...

Yet, a lot of those people who provide greater value also value themselves as being worth more money...

Everyone that I hire understands that they are on a 90-day probation when I hire them, regardless of the agreed-upon pay rate!!

At the end of 30 days, I will give half of the anticipated pay raise, but unannounced to the worker...

At the end of 90 days, I will give the other half of the pay raise to the outsourced worker...


If they deliver any evidence within 30 days that they may be worth the money that I intend to pay them, I don't want them to get frustrated and quit before their 90-day probation has been completed.

Those who are not worth keeping will make themselves obvious to me within the 30-days, almost without fail.

The thing to remember is that if someone demands a higher pay rate upon hire, then in most cases, they will be worth hiring out of the gate... Otherwise, they would not have the confidence to stand their ground for a higher pay rate...

And if they are willing to take anything to get the job, chances are they will indicate their lack of value to me within the first month of employment...

In the latter group, it is possible to get lucky once in a while... Because some people have the dedication to the job you are offering, but they do not yet have the confidence to ask for more money... In these cases, you can get someone into your organization -- on their way to the confidence they need to demand their own pay requirements.

For those who have the confidence to stand their ground at a higher rate, 90% of them will be worth hiring and keeping...

For those who don't have the confidence to stand up for their own best interests, 90% will be a MASSIVE FAIL!!

Keep these things in mind, and you might find your outsourced workers to be:
  • More Reliable;
  • More Valuable;
  • More Worthy of the Higher Pay that you will one day give them;
  • An asset to your company that will reward you 100-times over...

The greatest people who ever lived are people who mastered the process of "surrounding themselves with the best people".

Hopefully, you will be able to do the same with your own business.
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    Originally Posted by tpw View Post

    No one will ever be as committed to your success as you are...
    Love that line.

    I find it bizarre that many of the people I coach spend more time on researching a purchase online (checking hundreds of sites, comparing the quality of vendor, timing of delivery and trying to get it a penny cheaper)

    but spend little to no time thinking about an outsourcing hire.

    I guess this is business sense, something that only comes with experience. So you article will be a great help to many...
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    Originally Posted by tpw View Post

    ... your long-term success will be measured by the quality of people you hire to work for you!
    This is the very reason I cringe at the idea of outsourcing. I'm really picky. In fact, some would call me downright anal. Regardless of who does the work, if it has MY name on it, I want it to be right... and that's by my definition of right, not the hireling's.

    That said, you have outlined what looks to be a very workable system for finding--and keeping--people that will add value to my business. I'm going to copy and paste this into a text file, so I'll have it for reference when the time comes.

    Thanks, Bill.

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