Would you do this article writing deal?

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Hi everyone,

I am somewhat suspicious about an article writing deal, even though the guy has represented himself honestly. I'm keeping his website secret because I don't want to ruin his name or cause any controversy.

Basically, what he has is a PLR website, and he's telling me he can get me $50 for 400 words, or better (I suppose that assumes many resales).

Of course, there's nothing in it up front for me, which I'm okay with if this is a legit deal. How do I know if it's legit? Is this something you would do? I'm just having a hard time trusting the fellow, but he may be honest.
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    Originally Posted by danstelter View Post

    How do I know if it's legit?
    Well, you don't really, do you? Unless you can find and speak yourself with people who've worked for him on a similar basis in the recent past, perhaps? (Sounds like that won't be too easy, though?).

    I never wrote for a new client without pre-payment in full (and never had a problem over that policy).

    Still, if we're talking about 400-word articles, I suppose the question is how many you have to do before the first payment? If he'll take 2 or 3 articles, and then pay you something, there's perhaps very little to lose by trying him out? But if he wants a minimum order of 30 articles, or something, that might be a very different matter?
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    I agree with Alexa. I would see if he was willing to do a trial run so you both can determine if the arrangement will work out for each of you. Also ask for references. If he is not willing to give them to you, then that may be a signal to not work with this person.
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      Protect yourself. Ask for the payment upfront. If he's legit then he won't have a problem with it. Otherwise, he might just disappear after he gets his articles...Just tell him that that it is your policy to always get payment upfront for new clients.
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    I wouldn't touch it with nothing up front for you. I simply don't believe his claims, especially when he is trying to suck someone into writing for him with nothing but an unfounded income claim.
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    It doesn't take too long to write 400 word articles. I'd probably submit a small amount of articles and see where it goes. It does sound suspicious, but you don't know if it will lead to a good opportunity.

    Does he want you to write PLR packs and pay you outright? Or does he want you to work in advance for a percentage of the profit later? How many articles has he asked you to write?

    I guess it would depend on his reputation in the internet marketing community. Does he seem trustworthy? If not, he may just be trying to get some free content for his own purposes.
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    If this guy is serious about being able to make a lot from "his" PLR content, then he should be able to pay up front. He says he can make $50 for a 400 word article. If he is selling the article for $1 (an average price for one PLR article), it will have to sell 50 times to get the $50. If he is able to market his business and sell that same article 100 times, he gets $100.

    This sounds similar to a joint venture or partnership deal. Too many variables involved. How will you know when he sells the articles? Is it based on trust or screen shots?

    Whenever anyone starts a business, you either need to have money to invest, be it content or SEO, website design, etc. or perhaps try what this gentleman is doing.

    My opinion, I would not write anything without getting paid first.
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    I agree with the others: seems like he should be paying upfront unless you know he'll pay because you've worked with him before.

    I may have misunderstood, but it sounds like he wants you to write articles for his PLR site and then he'll pay you a commission if/when those articles sell. I personally would not go for that unless my site were getting some decent exposure to new potential buyers. If he's so confident your work will sell, why doesn't he just buy it outright at the price you ask? Or why can't he promote your work as an affiliate?

    It doesn't take too long to write 400 word articles.
    Depends. Mine take actual research. A five-article pack at two hours per article is 10 hours of work--a full day for potentially no pay. For that, I'd rather work on my own stuff. Then at least I could use it some other way if it never sells.
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