If you were fired/laid off tomorrow, would you be okay?

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It's a question I used to ask myself.

Would you be okay, financially, if you were fired or laid off tomorrow?

Back in 2009, my answer would have been no.

I would have been living on the streets again.

How about you?
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    So long as my AdSense account didn't suddenly go bye-bye.. all would be well.

    And this is why my 2012 goal is to now diversify and find equal success with a couple other income streams. If I do that.. whoa nellie! Life will be very very gooder.
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    Actually Justin, I have just been laid off, effective the end of January. BUT I have spent the last four months learning and I think I am going to be ok

    Starting to get more off line work so now I can focus on building my internet business full time. A little sooner than I expected but life has a interesting way of throwing challenges at you that turn out to be blessings in disguise
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    I would be in pretty bad shape, thats jusr part of the reason a IM money stream is a good idea. I also enjoy testing new ideas.
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    I wouldn't. I don't make enough online to support myself ... yet ....
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    It would be tough because I've gotten used to both income streams and I'm still in the process of feeling secure enough to quit the job... not quite there yet. Having been to "the bottom" a couple times before, it's really scary to think about giving up one stream of income.. even if it will free up more time to grow the other!
    Yes, "pheonix" is spelled incorrectly. There's a story behind this. If you're curious, just ask!
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    I have been self employed since 2007 working full time with Internet Marketing. Over the years I have lost a few big clients...but then friend new ones. Its the nature of business, I am starting a Membership/Subscription type program to eliminate the slow times.

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    As a freelancer, I can't really be fired. My stuff could not sell, but that's not the same thing.

    @Diana I admire your positive spin on things and wish you the best of luck.
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    I suppose we could get philosophical... it would be tight, even difficult, to keep up our current lifestyle. But I am also prepared to cut out a lot if/when the time comes. I figure it is safe to assume my job is not permanent. Which is why I have begun to build an online stream of income. The Scout motto: Be Prepared! is just as applicable today as ever.
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    Well having just seen my company go bye-bye, I have increased my marketing efforts and what was a great way to add things to make my life better is now supporting me and my family. Some days it is tough to keep it going but most of the time focusing on my daily goals keeps the jobs and the cash rolling.

    It is tough but strive to have a way to replace your income, just in case.

    The number of ideas to use in content is odd--and 3 is too many.--Timo Everi

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    This is a great question, given the reality of things these days. My husband had the only job in the house and was laid off in August. It's why I'm here now. This is my 3rd month freelance writing full time, and this month I will just about replace his income.

    I think most people can be okay once the motivation of no alternatives takes hold. You can do a whole lot more than you are capable of when it really gets down to it.

    For us, we have been in a cycle of low-paying jobs and layoffs for the past 3-4 years, so we have trimmed down our expenses. I think that is what saved us this time around, and I am doing everything I can to make it so we don't go back into that hole again.
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      I was made redundant 10 years ago and after the initial upset I was glad once I got my head round it. I got a better job that I enjoyed doing and it paid more.

      If I was made redundant now I'm sure that I will manage financially. I learned from the first time round to make sure that my finances are in a good state, but because of the Internet I have learned skills that enable me to make enough to live on. I think that we IMers have the advantage over non IMers because we can do more to help ourselves.
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    I like a few above have been through that turmoil, in Dec 2008 I was laid off and just threw myself into learnnif online marketing.. in a few weeks I had a $500 in the clickbank account and ain't looked back since.
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