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Hey All,

Im a newbie trying to learn the ropes. I recently bought my first WSO and spent a couple weeks putting it into action. I kept running into roadblocks and would e-mail the WSO writer and while he was responsive, what it boiled down to was his tutorial basically said not to stress the niche selection, just follow his criteria. I did that and when I ran into problems was told I chose a bad niche. Well after investing in a domain, and tons of time creating a free product and articles I'm deflated. Now I need to start all over with a new niche...very frustrating. He even posted a response to someones question on the WSO thread and mentioned my niche by name and said not to use it. Very frustrating!

Anyway this has led me to look for a new route. I don't have the money it takes for one on one mentoring so I was wondering if there are apprenticeships out there? If not, then I hope one day I can start that. Have a newbie like me do some keyword research, write an article or two, or blog comments in exchange for some knowledge of how to make it with Internet Marketing. If anyone knows a program or mentor like that please let me know. Its the only way I can get the help I want without a budget.
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    You can find help doing programs like the 30 day challenge which will teach you how to do keyword research, pick a niche etc etc etc. It can be free or you can buy everything Ed and Dan tell you to buy. But you can learn loads from two guys who are making money online.

    There is also a free wso on at the moment by a leading warrior that will open you eyes on keyword research.

    ps last time I looked at the rules we werent allowed affiliate links in our signatures and we weren't allowed to mention a particular wso by name. So you will have to search the WSO section yourself but there arent that many free ones so you should be able to find it.
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    I don't know of any that exist but I don't know why they don't. I once mulled over trying to find someone the problem was lack of funds. So, I figured for payment I could offer then say 30% of my profits for the first year or something like that so that way your success was tied to their paycheck just to make sure I wouldn't get anyone who was just b.s.ing me giving me regurgitated generic methods. I offered it to several people but no one took me up on it so I just went for it on my own. Maybe some day it'll be done. I think it'd be a positive presence.
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    Hi Steve,

    I feel your pain and I see it all the time at Internet marketing conferences and from people I meet.

    Internet Marketing "Gurus" hire the best copy writers in the world to carefully craft sales pages that seduce, and sway you into thinking you might actually have a chance - that this product might finally be the one that works.

    They wage psychological warfare on you, exploiting emotional "triggers" researched by top psychologists to make you buy. They prey on your desire to make money online and their systems are designed to ruthlessly "squeeze" every last cent you have out of your wallet. They even call their pages "squeeze" pages! Then, when you can't make their supposedly easy systems work, they tell you you aren't doing it right.

    They don't care because they have your money whether you succeed or not and most people like you can't fully test their "system" within the 30 days they allow for refunds and are too embarrassed to ask for a refund. So these "Gurus" grab your money and are laughing all the way to the bank.

    I have a free 300+ "Internet Marketing 101" ecourse that I have made available for free that would help. I do offer an affordable internet marketing mentorship program as well.

    Both are available at the link above
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    Honestly the best thing you can do is saturate yourself in the forums here.

    There are tons of successful marketers I'm sure would be willing to help you out if you show them you are motivated, hard working, and have the right attitude.


    "Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure."
    -Norman Vincent Peale

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    There have been a couple of threads on this over the past few months. For example

    Read through the entire thread - do not jump on the first offer that comes along!
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    Since finding a good niche was key to being successful using that product, it should have included instructions on exactly how to find a good niche. For him to tell you not to stress the niche and then use your niche as an example in the WSO of what not to do is pretty crappy business.

    Perhaps someone reading this thread will need an apprentice and take you up on that. I've heard good things about the 30-day challenge. You might want to check that out.
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    Perhaps the biggest challenge in doing an apprenticeship is the location problem. You are likely not in a close vicinity to others who you could ask here to help you (except, maybe by luck.) It is possible to mentor via instant message and email, but it is rarely equivalent to face to face. I do apprenticeships for people willing to learn in my town but my demotivation in doing them is people give up. They are rarely willing to produce the required effort and perseverance to be successful in IM.

    Here is How to Steal Your Competitor’s High PR Backlinks:

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    Why not just use what you are pimping in your sig? After all, "The Step by Step Guide That Will Outline What Most Experienced Warriors Are Telling Newbies WILL Make You Money Online!" sounds exactly like what you are looking for.

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