PayPal - You've received an echeque, but I hadn't!

by Neil Morgan 5 replies
Hi Guys

This morning I received an email from PayPal that said I had received an echeque and contained all the usual blurb about waiting until it cleared before sending the goods etc.

I actually thought it was a phishing attempt because it was an HTML email and usually those emails are plain text. I've had many of them over the years.

So I trawled through the source code of the email and found that all the links were real PayPal links (to and that the sender ( passed the SPF and DomainKeys checks.

So I thought, this must be a clever phishing attempt. I bet all the links are legitimate apart from one - maybe one that takes you to a page where you would enter your login and password.

But no, I simply couldn't find anything in the email that was not legit.

The strange thing is ... I hadn't received an echeque in my PayPal account!

So, I'm left wondering if that was maybe a PayPal test email or some weird kind of spam or some kind of clever phishing.

Did anyone else get this today?


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