Would You Spend $97 On A WP Theme?

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For those with experience with Amazon review sites, is the "look and feel" of a really nice WP theme - one designed specifically for this type of site - related at all to conversions? I really like this $97 theme, but is it really worth it? :confused:
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    I have spent $97 on a theme and I believe that it is definitely worth it for what I use it for. Of course, there is another thread going on right now with other members talking about how those themes are popping up all over the place now so it's not as effective. But it definitely gets the job done for me and I'm happy with my purchase.

    I'm OKAY with HTML, but IMHO, the theme was worth saving me the time of trying to do it all myself.
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    I also have spent that much on a theme a couple of times. It is worth it if you can make your money back. You have to think of it as an investment in your business.
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    I just did spend that on one and I love it. Granted it slowed me down in terms of getting the site up, because of the sheer amount of different styles and other cool stuff built into the theme.

    Personally, for the price of themes, there's a couple of reasons I will pay that for them.

    One is it is good for conversions and 2 is that for the most part, good premium themes are kept up to date and there's support provided with it.

    So yeah, I definitely don't hesitate for paying for a theme. Although, I will always check how others are getting on with it and the support etc.

    Just check with the licence you are getting. Some are individual licences and some are developers. If you plan on selling the site, you might need a developer licence. If it's just for yourself, then it's just a personal licence. You'll find the details on the pricing page of whatever theme it is. Or in the F.A.Q page.
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    It was to be a pretty good one. That are cheaper ones or free out there just as goods. With that information only, pretty hard.
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    Worth it to me. I've spent that and more for themes.
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    It depends on what you get with it. I'd want PLR and reseller rights, along with a ton of great premium plugins installed that come with developers rights. Full monetization would be nice, too. I guess that's asking a lot, but over the years I've come to learn how to get what I want done with wordpress very cheaply. I've often used Odesk to hire a programmer or PHP expert to customize my themes cheap.
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    Yeah i would buy it depending on how much you like it? If your not sure if you like it dont buy it but if you know you like the theme then go ahead
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    It comes with the territory my friend. I know it seems like a lot but if it helps benefit your business is it not worth it?
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    yes i have many times...
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    The question is, is it worth $97 to you. If getting the theme saves you days or weeks of trying to find a cheaper one, or building it yourself then its worth it.

    Time is money and sometimes you just have to make an investment so you can start making money today instead of next month or next year.
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    I bought a theme that I've been using on my sites.

    To date, the theme is a part of the tools I use to make 5 figures per month.
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      I would say start with free, and then get a paid theme after you have $ coming in. Unless you have a very solid plan

      Can Niche Sites Really Make You Rich? Oh Yeah... NicheMeRich.com

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    I have spent that (more, actually) on a theme and have never regretted the decision.

    However, I didn't buy the theme because it fit the niche. I bought the theme because it had great built-in SEO and could be used for any niche I might explore. I could change the colors, the background, the header, and all other details to fit any niche. It was more the structure itself that I paid for. I do my own headers and changes to make the theme work for a new site when I build one or I can outsource the header but getting the site up and ready to go is faster with each one because I'm used to the internal workings of that particular theme.

    That doesn't mean I wouldn't buy a theme as a one-time fit for a specific topic - as others have said, it can be a huge time-saver and I DO think looks are important if your goal is to build an authority site in your niche.
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      I have spent 97 in a theme and then 67 for a skin for that theme XD but it was a great theme! so if it is really customizable, and is SEO friendly, and have some nice features, I would go for it
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    Originally Posted by creature View Post

    For those with experience with Amazon review sites, is the "look and feel" of a really nice WP theme - one designed specifically for this type of site - related at all to conversions? I really like this $97 theme, but is it really worth it? :confused:
    if you think that the money making system that you will implement using that 97$ theme will give you a positive ROI, then go for it. always take into consideration ROE (return on effort) on every thing you do. If you think spending 97 dollars for a theme that you can actually really build from scratch is 'worthier' than actually spending hours making that theme, then go for it.

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    It's worth it for me. I also spent for themes like that.
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    Well, this depends. I would usually say that it is not worth it because your friends might probably have a subscription and can send it to you and/or you can find a similar one for a cheaper price elsewhere. For $97, you can typically get access to a wide range of skins


    if you really really like it, and that it is easily applied, can be tweaked easily and is SEO friendly, go for it. Test it and let us know if it is worth it.
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