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I know that this is probably basic to a lot of you guys here but I dont quite have it clear as to how you get the backlinks recognized by the search engines

The way that I understand when you leave a link on a site that it counts as a back link only if the S/E's connect the dots. I have done this on several occasions as well as paid to get several links but I am not sure that the search engines are recognizing them as such to my site.

I have have heard different explanations but none that really made sense until today.
When you ping a link it is like putting the red flag up for the mail man to know that you have info that needs to be delivered.

Now the real question I am trying to understand is how do you ping and make sure the red flag is up?

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    Ha! Nice analogy

    You can raise the flag easily here:

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    There are mixed opinions about pinging vs. letting backlinks index naturally. If it's for your own website pages then ping away, but if you plan on pinging your backlinks then pause for thought. The idea behind not pinging is so you receive a slow trickle of backlinks being indexed over time rather that a surge of indexed backlinks after a mass ping.

    Have you tried the free version of SEO Spyglass to check on your backlinks?
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    My two cents worth on pinging is it had not helped me get my links indexed on my my tests.

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    I have a squidoo lens that Tiffany Lewis built me three years ago and I really havent done anything to it in over 2 1/2 years. I also built a BuLenTCaka site about two years ago that I havent touch in a long time. These two sites keep popping up 1st page "G"when I search my keywords. These are ranking fairly well so I want to use them for back links.

    Gotta love it. I pay no hosting or domain fees on either of these two sites and these just keep going. Sweet! Now if I can just figure out this back linking.
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      Careful Deckman when you're looking at your own sites in Google. The search results are skewed because Google monitors your search habits and skews the results from websites you visit regularly (at least this is how I understand it!)
      To see a true ranking for your own sites, you need to use a service that gives you Google results but strips the Google cookies on your computer out of the equation.
      Try this:

      The simplest backlinking is bookmarking your pages in a number of social bookmark sites.
      The best backlinking is to find authority sites related to your site's topic and get links on them ie. through comments etc
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  • I find commenting on Blogs of the same niche to work the best.
    I was indexed in 24hrs after doing this.
    And yes, Ping o Matic is a good Pinger to use.
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    I prefer to use Pingler dot com if I only have a few sites to ping. If I have several, I use pingfarm dot com.

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