Which are the best giveaway events?

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Dear fello warriors

As we all know, giveaway events are are one of the best ways to build our lists. I recently participated in a few similar events and got about 10-15 sign ups to my squeeze page.

To get most exposures, I think it is a good idea to upgrade. But really I don't know which events are worthful to upgrade. Also what products should I offer to get maximum sign ups apart from make money and website traffic products? your suggestions are most welcomed
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    People are always hungry for good information and pertinent knowledge. I'd say continue with products that are relevant to your niche, be it an e-book, a short report, or a free guide on how to increase traffic, etc.
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    Have you taken a look at the Push button giveaway software, this is great for those serious about using giveaways, I am about to restart using them just need to create a new product to giveaway, no plr trash from me.

    In there, they often tell you which ones to upgrade and the costs involved. I have version 1 and am told version 2 is even better.
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    seriously, only 10-15 signups for a few events?

    Is that 10-15 each event or over all?

    I have never used a giveaway event and am thinking of testing them out but for results like that it wouldn't be worth it. I certainly wouldn't consider upgrading unless I had proof that results increased significantly.

    As for push button giveaway - I've looked at them and clearly they are on a commison from the giveaway events from upgrades. At least that's my take on it. There's nothing wrong with that but it does make accepting their advice a bit difficult!
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    The best way to benefit from giveaway events is to:

    - have a really great product to offer
    - participate in an event that only allows really great products to be offered
    - really promote it heavily as a team with the other contributors

    (from the guy who originated the concept in 2003 :-) )

    Mark Hendricks
    Get great gifts during December at the original internet giveaway promotion, The 12 Days of Christmas ... enjoy! --- And if you want to learn the art of doing Joint Ventures see JVdealmaker
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