Does someone know of a product like this?

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The tech side of internet marketing is tripping me up a bit.

Has anyone written a guide that says, in no uncertain, stupid-proof terms:

* This is how you program up a squeeze page
* This is how you link your email account to it
* This is how you put together a thank you page, and THIS is how you make sure that your user lands on the thank you page when they subscribe
* This is how you add your shopping cart and make sure the money get into your bank account

Everything I do right now is off of Wordpress and Tigertech, where the entire process is point, click, and dummyproof. Honestly if I could figure out how to do all this through Wordpress I totally would, because I love it. I've got the idea of a sales funnel for your info products and I understand how they work in the abstract. I just don't know how to do all the FTP and HTML and whatnot. Before TigerTech webhosts would present me with this CPanel thing and I had no idea what to do with it at all! I couldn't even figure out how to get my sites to show up!

Anyway, if someone has written this kind of guide and has a link I'd be much obliged. Either an existing website or a paid product or a video or something.

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