Any Tip to Increase my Selling Rate.

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I just build another site this week and been focusing on selling CB products using long tail keywords. It's becoming annoying, I started doing my backlinking process 2 days ago, I had 273 visitors since than, they only say good stuff about my product reviews but buying ZERO.

Also with my other site that has nearly a month I already received + 50 comments (some of them are spam others arent), all saying good about my website, one of the keywords is ranking number 1 in google. But nobody buys it pisses me off. So much work and no compensation. I must be doing something wrong.

I guess it's quite hard for someone to tell me what's wrong, any tip would be great. Thanks.
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    Are your keywords "buying focussed" and it could be worth taking a look in your stats to see where your visitors are coming from?

    Some products on CB might only convert at less than 0.25-0.5% but it does depend a lot on the product, your traffic source and how "buying related" they are, and how targeted your site is.

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    Indeed, it all depends what market you are in.

    Are people in that market REALLY in trouble? Do they REALLY need to find a way out RIGHT NOW? If not, they probably won't go for the impulse buy.

    I would stick to markets with impulse - I've got to get this NOW - buyers :-)
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    I'm selling weight loss diet plans for women. My keywords are focused on getting that traffic although most of the traffic came from my social bookmark backlinks. Google hasn't yet indexed any of my pages. Actually I think I did crap because it's the second time I did this site for this domain and the first time was when I started and I got a huge amount of low quality backlinks. I guess that's effecting my site from getting indexed for the new keywords.

    Anyway I was checking the other site I made and I guess the keyword I target was pretty crappy. Oh well I'll study more and I will do another website.
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    If you are getting visitors to your website, how about
    offering them a freebie first. You will see if they are
    interested in the diet plans.

    Have you set up a squeeze page yet?

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    Yeah I already thought about that but I still don't have enough money to invest in a service like a-weber which seems to improve your business alot. Later on I will sure get it.

    I found free automated mail services but they only send a message and not a chain of them.

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      The first thing is understand who the people are that are potential buyers . Who are they ? men ? women , teenagers , pensioners ?

      what do they want really want ?
      what are those intangible things they badly want that would trade money for peace of mind ? respect , social proof, power , ?

      you must understand these people if you are to get a positive response from them and you must speak in a language they understand to better improve your chances

      Do a video and speak directly to those people . know their frustration ,share your story , make recommendations on how to have it resolved
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        I guess clickbank products aren't so popular and probably harder to sell. Are amazon physical items easier to sell besides there is a huge amount of them and it's easier to find good keywords? Might be wrong but the last time I check the commission was like 12% which sucks hard. Just wondering.

        Thanks Magnates.
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    I have been testing for conversions a lot on my site as well. Completely different markets. Check your copy. Slight changes make a huge difference. Also, Aweber is $1 for 30 days. Test it out after you have a series of emails and then see what happens in those 30 days.


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