Minisites are still alive! Right??

by Tron2k
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Ive now been starting at my new minisite biz,I want to create good content sites with adsence,Im having problems off the bat,I need to create at least 5 sites a month,im useing xsite and its giving me problems publishing already, I need to create alot of sites so I need something smooth,the only thing I like about xsites is the built in optimization.other that I cant even get my site pubished yet because of the controls. Anyone with some help for a new minisite business?
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    I love mini-sites, but I am selling my own products on them with a sales page, thank you page, contact, legal, etc. Only a few pages and it works.

    Don't know about Adsense anymore. To me, it's too much trouble with all the changing rules, etc.

    ~ Bryan

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    yes I will also sell my own products and add adsense,im thinkin about signing up with because of the ease plus its clean,but you only get 10 sites in there package.I need more sites but ease of use like weebly,and keep the cost lowwww lol
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    are there any other sites like weebly?
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    the quick answer is "YES"... (see signature...)

    all the best!
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