I suck at traffic. Is it possible to sell my Ebooks to people who want PLR?

by DW63
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I am starting to wonder if this whole internet marketing thing is generally feasible as a business model (for most people) without a very very very significant time or economic investment. (Just like any other business. Perhaps working from home ideal is overrated?)

I have two ebooks that are pretty good (one 86 pages single spaced on weight loss for a specific group of people) and the other (almost complete) on how to find a boyfriend. (similar length) I have especially good faith in the last one and the first one is well researched. However, my methods to get traffic or to capture leads seem to not work at all. These big shot dating coaches get hundreds of dollars for 100 pages of great content. My products are good (or i imagine better in the case of the bf book!) than other products. However, it seems all the methods to get traffic (either ones I've tried or others, require an extremely disproportionate amount of effort or already having guru status).

I need fast cash. Should I sell rights to sell the books, since I suck at getting traffic? I even put on FIverr (buy one gig get 8 FREE), which basically included splitting up and selling as large articles (average 10 pages) on specific subjects. It still has very little attention and no sales.

Should I cut my losses and sell the rights to resell these books? Is that ethical? Is that the fastest way to get money? I am very weary of doing all this work and any little thing I try seems to be relatively ineffective proportion to the effort.

Someone said that selling PLR is for specific order specifications. But is there a way to sell the rights to sell it at 100% commission?

This internet marketing thing is getting particularly frustrating. I thought writing the ebook should be the hard part (AND IT WAS!) but I really need some fast cash and perhaps a way to make money long term without spamming facebook to get traffic.
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    I think your biggest problem is that you're concentrating on the product. You seem to think that if you create a great product, people will come and buy it if you just get the traffic.

    People might disagree with me but in my experience what matters in selling ebooks is that you are already a guru. People won't buy a product from a nobody. At least when talking about selling huge amount of books. However great it is. You need to seriously develop your personal charisma and start creating your own personal brand around your name.

    Generating traffic is easy if you have the connections. I know some people that are extremely successful in their Internet businesses even when I'm not. The difference is not because they have better skills (like content or technical) but because they have the network that let's them to have guest posts in other websites, free links, reviews and stuff. Just as in real world, in offline it seems that connections matters. When you have connections you can build a brand around your name and THEN people will follow you and come to your website and buy your products. It just works like that. Start making connections to other people by offering them your services for free (like guest blogging, interviewing people etc).

    I think you should save your products for later and start networking with people immediately to create successful websites. But this is just my 2.5 pennies.

    I admit that I'm not the best person to guide you because I'm still a newbie in IM but I just wanted to share with you some of my experiences so far. I hope this post was useful.

    Everybody wants to make some bucks, but nobody wants to do some heavy-ass work.

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    Have you considered turning your ebooks into real products with a salespage, funnel, etc. and setting up an affiliate program? If you have a great product, a salespage that converts and good payouts, you could possibly attract several good affiliates that could send a lot of traffic.

    I'm not recommending Clickbank, but if you were to get your product on Clickbank or that type of site then your offer would be in front of a lot of people.
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    It is frustrating to have ebook ready to sell and no one
    is interested.

    Typically marketers advice reverse approach - first
    find what market wants, what kind of book sells,
    then make product that suit their needs.

    As far as I know, Travis Sago is giving nice advice and
    support to his affiliates. He is the guy behind the
    Magic of Making Up which is one of the topsellers on

    As for your possibilities:

    1. Publish the eBook on Payspree or other marketplace
    free of charge (you would pay 49$ to Clickbank for
    listing one book as a vendor). Offer decent affiliate
    payout to affiliates.

    In one interview, Mike Geary who successfully sells
    body fitness product Six Pack abs, suggests to give
    affiliates at least 75% to have them motivated. He
    says his affiliates are selling like crazy.

    Read the interview here, he gives nice tips about his
    and yours niche:
    The Truth About Abs: How To Make $1,000,000 Profit Per Month with Digital Products (Plus: Noah Kagan results)

    2.(Similar) Publish the eBook on Tradebit. This is online
    marketplace, very popular. Listing is free, they charge
    15% fee of your sales (plus you can have affiliates promoting
    your stuff for commission).

    3. Sell PLR to eBook on this forum.

    4. Try chopping the content and make short articles that
    you spread over article directories or niche websites and
    blogs that deal with weightloss or relationships. Consider
    guest blogging.

    5. Prepare shorter (lite) version of your ebook (20-25 pages

    Now you have two choices:
    1. include link to the full version of book
    throughout the eBook

    2. include your affiliate links to popular programs
    in weightloss/relationship niches

    (or combine both methods)

    Then submit it to document sharing places like:

    Social Media

    Notify your friends on Facebook (I only wonder how many
    people are constantly 'losing weight') and Twitter of this
    free eBook.

    Good luck

    [FREE GUIDE] Become a Twitter Expert in 24 Hours
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    DW63, you've been given some excellent advice by other posters, so I won't reiterate that.

    From your post, I'm not sure what your business model is. Do you:

    1. Want to create info products in several niches, and set yourself up as an info product creator?


    2. Want to make money writing?

    You said:

    "I am starting to wonder if this whole internet marketing thing is generally feasible as a business model (for most people) without a very very very significant time or economic investment. (Just like any other business. Perhaps working from home ideal is overrated?)"

    "Internet marketing" isn't a business model. "Marketing" is just that, marketing; Internet marketing is marketing online. Internet marketing covers many different commercial activities. In Internet marketing, you need to focus on a product... You market a product at a certain price, and promote that product in various ways.

    So, you need to choose a business model.

    If you chose #1 above, you need to stick to ONE market (either weight loss or find a boyfriend) at a time.

    Yes, you can cover both niches, but you need to GET ESTABLISHED in one niche first -- people have to know your name, and respect your name. That's just as important as writing.

    One of my favorite tips for any writer anywhere is: CREATE AND PROMOTE.

    If you this, you will succeed. You must do both, you can't just write, and expect people to find you and pay you money, whether it's for your services, or for your ebooks.

    Therefore, if you choose business model #1, pick ONE niche for the next few months. Write another couple of ebooks in that niche, and sell them.

    That's creating -- so do that, write more ebooks in your chosen niche.

    As far as promoting, you can promote yourself and your product in endless ways: advertising, forum marketing, article marketing...

    If you choose business model #2 -- writing, you can certainly use your ebooks as writing samples, and sell the PLR rights to them if you wish.

    So, start by choosing a business model, and go on from there. Either of the two I've suggested will work for you. And you can work from home, without a big investment of capital.

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