Ebooks and resources - how do you store them so you can find them again?

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Like many of you I've accumulated quite a collection of ebooks, mp3's, videos and various internet marketing courses. Currently they sit in a few locations across a couple of computers.

I've started moving some across to Dropbox and I think I'll end up putting them all on there so I can access them from multiple devices.

What I'd like to know is how do you store / file your resources so you can easily find them?
  • Do you have them all within one folder on your hard drive?
  • Do you have folders set up for various topics and file your resources under there?
  • Do you file them by product type?
I'd love to know how you're all doing it so I can find a structure that works for me.
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    I know exactly the problem you have and I'm sure most warriors do to!

    See if this might help:

    I downloaded the free organiser folder structure he gives away and meant to try it out but haven't yet. Seems a bit clunky but it's the only solution I've found anyone offering.

    Hope it helps
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    Yes I like to use Dropbox for the storage medium. It's great if you travel around a bit and / or use multiple PCs as you can always access your files.

    I don't have any amazing system of organisation but I am a copious user of folders and make sure there aren't too many files to a single folder.
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    I have a zip drive with every PDF I've downloaded for IM on it. For immediate use, I created a folder on my desktop simply labeled "IM stuff". This has worked well for me so far, although I should probably create a third source for backup...
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    Thanks for your responses so far.

    @RobNoble that product looks interesting. I'll have a proper look at it tonight.

    @Joe128139 I have my stuff spread over two PCs and one external HD. The backup factor is very important which is why I'm starting to use DropBox.

    @Brock Irish - thanks for the comment. I've already got a basic folder setup, but my one folder called 'ebooks' is pretty full so I need to get some ideas of sub-folders or alternate ways to do it.
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    I have a few folders on my desktop for the products I've purchased/downloaded. Most are grouped into subfolders based on the main topic of the product. For PLR, I have subfolders for sellers I buy from often, and the rest is sorted based on the content's subject.
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