Serious website buyer looking for broker - suggestions?

by Sean Y
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Could any warriors recommend a website broker?

I have a budget of about $60,000 and I want to make an aquistion by the
end of the year. I'm wanting to purchase an established and profitable site.
It's been proven time and time again most profitable sites never hit the market
place so I was trying to find an established and highly recommended broker.

Obviously, wanting to spend $ and short amount of time isn't the best combination
so to bridge the gap I'm looking for a broker who has a proven track record and
can hit the ground running!

I appreciate any feedback.
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    Hi, is the best place to find a website.

    Also, It's important to do some research on "how to buy a website from flippa". It's especially important that you use an escrow account to do this.

    If you need to get a broker to help you with your deal, you can call Digital Management Consulting and Brokerage | Broadmoor

    Best of luck.

    I've helped 1723 businesses get more customers. If you want to be successful at your local, national, or international business visit

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    What about posting ad on this forum?

    I guess you can find people with websites making 10 000/year here
    who are willing to flip them for fast cash.

    [FREE GUIDE] Become a Twitter Expert in 24 Hours
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      I been part of the warrior forum since UniSol days but unfortunately between family and business I do not have much time to participate in forum. Can you enlighten me where I post an ad? I understand the concept of a WSO.

      Making it happen!

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    Check out

    He should be able to steer you in the right direction
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    Do you know what kind of business model you would like to purchase?
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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