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Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.

What do you have to share with us?
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    It was the shiny object syndrome when I first started out. Any new product or report that came out that looked like my golden ticket I had to buy. All that did was lead to frustration. My mistake was not focusing and following through on one thing and one thing only until I seen results. I finally learned the error of my ways.

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    Jumping from method to method and never sticking to just one thing.
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    For me at the start was buying into too many people's promises.
    Pain is a perception, so is defeat & happiness!
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    When I had only little spare time for online marketing, I tried
    finding free ways to earn money online. It took a little bit
    patience but it was (and I assume it still is) possible to get
    unique information for free.

    However, I did not stop at testing the few good ones that
    I had, but kept piling other offers on my disc.

    Second mistake: PUSH BUTTON SOLUTIONS

    When I had time and money I wanted to jumpstart the online
    marketing without too much learning curve. So I bought in the
    5 ready made membership niche websites limited(!!!) opportunity
    by very well known IM Marketer who is active also on this forum.

    Never made penny on it. On the other hand I got my first insights
    on the nature of this business.

    After all it is the truth that matters the most.

    Get the truth and right direction for Your affiliate journey.

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    I can only be honest.

    I've made plenty of mistakes online, as I'm sure we all have. Some effected my business in a bad way, and some mistakes simply and luckily worked out to my advantage. Mostly purchases "crap courses" back in the day

    But like you said, "Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes".

    I really like that quote.
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    Originally Posted by mywebstory View Post

    Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.

    What do you have to share with us?
    Thats easy and my answer doesnt preclude today.

    Back in 2004 the field was wide open, converting adwords clicks for $0.05 for MMO niche, untapped clickbank niches, adsense had just been released and they were NOT tight fisted about the payout.

    The light of opportunity blinded me so badly I couldnt act.

    I suspect it is exactly the same now only different areas. So my mistake was not to act to capitalize immediately on my long term future, but rather was decidedly happy with a high income and rested on my laurels thereafter.

    To be fair, this is compounded by the fact that no matter who you are in IM sometimes you spend a month of work on something and the thing just tanks. Get a few of those in a row and you tend to gravitate towards giving up for a while and just enjoying the income of the working projects.

    Not having enough foresight to really focus and capatilize
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      One time I started an adwords campaign but my ads were not approved. This went on for three days. I had to go out of town for two weeks and decided to fix it when I got back. When I got back I noticed abou $800 missing from my bank.

      My campaign was approved a day after I left. Worst of all I made only one $25 sale.

      ~Never leave a campaign unattended with no ability to monitor it.

      "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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      1. being on too many peoples list

      2. buying too many products that promising

      3. leaving something that has worked for me and buying a product that promises heaven and earth (quick and easy solutions , the push buttons )

      4. my phone (pings , phone calls and talking about stuff that don't really matter )

      5. Wasting time

      6. Not applying leverage and thinking i can do it all by my self

      7. Keeping friends that are not successful online
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    I would say my biggest error was trying to go in too many directions at the same time. Rather then growing what was already working.
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    First off, I'm a newbie on this internet marketing thing, a month ago I bought a PR 3 domain on, a week later google did a minor update on the pagerank and my domain went straight down to PR 0, I was so shocked and frustrated at that time, ok then I learned that I shouldn't buy a pageranked domain when google's about to update the pagerank of all sites. I spent $30 for nothing!
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      Well, in all honesty think I have made all the mistakes that an Internet Marketer could make. And when I came into this business had a background in sales and marketing.

      But when I started in his business somehow got caught up in all the things that all the rest of you experienced. That is, buying stuff like Dreamweaver etc. So the question becomes what did I learn?

      The answer to that question is that I have learned not to copy what anyone else is doing but use them as inspiration to make my dreams become reality.

      The biggest mistake that I see newbies make is the one that was mentioned above. Granted, I'm in favor of studying what successful people do with their time, but make no mistake about it, don't copy what they're doing.

      You have to find your own way and most of this advertising business only works one time.
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    If you haven't heard my rants anywhere else - here you go:

    Buying a darn site from Flippa for $900 that was a total waste of money and scam.
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    i have to many mistakes to list them all here
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    adwords......BIG MIstake for me
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    Spending more time CONSUMING online content than CREATING online content.

    We create the web; we don't just take it in like everyone else!

    Oh, and make that QUALITY content creation, not junk!

    If you haven't created any superb content today, you'd better be driving traffic to the superb content you created yesterday! OTHERWISE, YOU WILL FAIL!
    Signature - the zaniest affiliate blog in cyberspace.
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    • "Spending more time CONSUMING online content than CREATING online content"

      That is the quote of the day for me. Bravo!
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    so far, the common mistake is not focusing ) , lets see what we get more.
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    Originally Posted by mywebstory View Post

    Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.

    What do you have to share with us?
    One of my first websites I started was a disaster for ONE SINGLE REASON. I build it to make money. I did not have any other reasons. That's why I lost interest very quickly in the project ones I've built it.

    If you are building websites to make money, and nothing else, you are very likely to lose your motivation FAST. It happened to me.

    Kindle Publishers: Get Reviews and More Sales to Your Kindle Books at

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      By far, my biggest mistakes have been acquiring too many products and attempting to engage too many of them at once! Coming from a technical background where some of the study manuals were 1200 page books, I overestimated my ability to quickly learn all I need to learn in IM. After all, what could be more difficult that drudging through a 1200 page technical manual to learn once aspect of the IT industry?

      I missed the point that the IM industry (just as in IT) is dynamic and expansive, requiring time and continuous learning to be become successful at. More success comes from being more focused on one subject at a time. The real challenge lies in acquiring good quality content from a trustworthy source when everyone is stating that that is exactly who they are.
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    Lots of mistakes, including all the ones mentioned above by other warriors. Sigh.
    Plus, just last week I made the mistake of buying 250 backlinks from a new warrior, been a member for less than 1 month, without checking his form or noticing he had only made posts in his own thread. $197 USD straight down the drain. An expensive lesson in trust and doing my own checks. I naively thought that if he was on WF he was an honourable person.
    To be honest, my fault and I have found 99.9% of warrriors I have had anything to do with have been honourable and helpful.
    My other big, expensive mistake was being sucked into a course that cost me $5,000 and ended up being about dropshipping and was basically a way to drain my bank account while selling me to other services I absolutely needed. The "Applied Knowledge" I learned wasn't worth $10, let alone $5,000.
    But moving on and still happy. :-)
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