Why so many CB accounts?

by timber
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I've always wondered and I can't seem to get it through my head;

When reading an IM sales page, or watching a video or webinar, why do the hosts or "guru's", have so many different accounts in Clickbank?

Do you need one for each niche your in? is this a tactic I should be using to keep track of my campaigns? Because as it is right now, I can pretty much tell what campaigns are working in the Analytic's section of Clickbank reports, they tell you what sales page the visitor visited.

If someone in a video states that they have over 30, 40 or even over 50 Clickbank accounts, does that mean that they 50 different websites and each site has it's own account? Or simply that they have a group of sites for their products, and that niche gets it's own account?

The other thing that gets me, is when people show screen shots of their Adsense profits. Then the show another account, then another. I thought Google would shut you down if you had more than one Adsense account? Doesn't it violate their T.O.S.?

I'm not even going to get into my rant about show-offs and bragging in webinars, and calling it "Proof"...
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    A lot of times people will use separate accounts to do JV launches or even just track specific campaigns more closely.

    But multiple adsence accounts...I would be sketchy about anyone showing that

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    You will never put all your money in just one bank account,especially a large amount.
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      Originally Posted by NinjaEntrepeneur View Post

      You will never put all your money in just one bank account,especially a large amount.
      Wasn't talking about Bank accounts. I'm asking about CB accounts.

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        Originally Posted by timber View Post

        Wasn't talking about Bank accounts. I'm asking about CB accounts.
        I know what i meant to say is that many marketers create many accounts because they dont want to generate all their income in one and risk to be canceled for any reason especially when they generate thousands of dollars.

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    I've never had much luck with selling CB products so I reckon one account is all I need lol
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    That is because every product you sell on clickbank needs a separate vendor ID.

    Lets say you want to promote a product called "something, something" the vendor ID is "cbproduct" then for anyone to promote this product as an affiliate, the affiliate link would look like this --> yourcbID.cbproduct.hop.clickbank.net

    that is you as an affiliate promoting the vendors 1 product on clickbank.
    clickbank tracks your account promoting the vendors product and you get paid.

    if the same vendor creates a new product, he can not list that 2nd product in the same vendor account and therefore needs to have a new cb account for the sales page and tracking in clickbank.

    That is why multiple account are needed for product vendors.
    As an affiliate without an own product, you can promote all clickbank products with the same affiliate account and therefore you need just one.

    I hope this helps..
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