Priceless - A Progress Report

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A bit over a week ago I set up my eBook review blog with my first review, a review of a popular World of Warcraft gold guide.

Over the past week I've written 5 eZineArticles, 2 of which are now published and 1 Knol, all of which are pointing back to the review.

Oh, and I'm (at last check) 3rd on the second page of Google for eBook Reviews. Woot!

I'm happy to report that I have just made my first sale.

1 Review
2 Published eZineArticles
9 URL clicks
1 Sale

The next step is, obviously, to write more articles. Then set up a Squidoo lens and a Hubpages hub for the gold guide. I then intend to add another review, rinse and repeat.
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