The Wrong Way Of Using Facebook Ads For Marketing

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As a Nigerian, I have learned so much here on Warrior Forum, so I wanted to share this little piece from my upcoming WSO

It has worked for me always, and I believe it will work for you

This is one important factor that determines the success of the overall campaign. Most experts will tell you that you should go for between $5 and $15 per day for those who are starters.

But what I am telling you now is; DON'T DO IT!

Before I tell you why, let me use different scenarios to make you understand my point;

Whenever you open a newspaper, which of these ads do you notice first; The Full Page Ad or Classified Ad? Keep that to yourself

Whenever you take a walk, which of the following do you look at more often, the Billboard Advert or the Fliers posted on wall? Hold that thought once more

When you visit a popular website, which of the following attracts your attention more, the wide banner or text link?

Well, if your answers are the same with mine, then you are right on track! The former always wins.

Now how does this apply? Placing a $5 or $10 daily budget for your ads is like the latter in the questions above. So you will be having little or no exposure to your fan page. Yes, $10 daily budget plan could work for pages promoting CPA offers, Celebrities, but it will never work for this method.

Let me tell you something about facebook advertising system the Gurus don't know or don't wanna let you know. The Higher An Advertiser Sets His Daily Budget, The More Exposure His Ads Gets Per Day! This is the reason why some ads you see whenever you login to your fb account, appears as if they are waiting for you. They don't blink at all and even if they do, they come back again within a split second. This is what the big-shot companies have found out and there are using it for their advantage.

But don't worry! I am not telling you to set your budget to $100 a day. The minimum daily budget I recommended is $30. For mine, I used $50 daily budget limit and it worked for me.

After all been said, make sure you test everything it yourself. The penny clicks might work but I strongly recommended you don't rely on it fully.

Hope You Enjoyed IT!
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      Good stuff, but I would say its way more important to have a targeted add over how much the budget it.

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