How Anyone, Anywhere Can Market Any Product Or Service Online Successfully

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Step One: Decide on one product or service to sell

Rule #1 - Choose a product or service that you already have some knowledge of. You don't have to be an expert, but if you know something about your product or service, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

Rule #2 - Don't choose your product or service because someone else tells you how great it is. Some people will tell you anything to get your money.

Rule #3 - Choose your product because people want or need it, not because you like it. If you sell something that meets a need or solves a problem for people, you are well on your way to making money and realizing your dream!

Rule #4 - Do the money math. You should have a markup of 3 to 5 times the actual cost of the product. You'll have expenses to cover --such as web hosting, Internet access fees, credit card processing fees, phone bills, and more-- so you need to know if your sales will earn you enough to pay your bills and make a profit.

Step Two: Determine your target market.

First, who needs what you're selling? Is it for men, women, or both? What age group will it appeal to most? What is their income level? Does their marital status matter?

Another way to determine your target market is to look at similar products and services. Where are they advertising? What magazines, TV and radio stations or web sites do they advertise on? Are they all forms of media that are seen or heard by a certain age group or income level?

Step Three: Set up your web site.

Now that you have chosen a product or service that is needed and you know who needs or wants what you are selling it's time to design your web site.

Step Five: Develop your marketing strategy.

In order to make that $2700, you need to make 90 sales each month ($2700 ¸ $30 = 90). Are you with me so far? If you don't grasp this, you will find it very hard to make a living from the Internet, much less make a fortune.

Here's where the science of marketing plugs in. Follow along closely. Take your time, because this will make or break you.

You need 90 sales to make your $2700. If 1 out of every 100 people that visit your web site purchase your product, then you need to generate 9000 visits every month. Now 9000 visits a month comes out to only 300 a day (on average). The catch is that not everyone who reads your ad or sees your banner clicks through to your web site.

Step Six: Take action.

Here's where most Internet marketers fail. They buy the courses and the software. They subscribe to the opt-in lists. But they never do a thing with it! Oh, they may start trying to make money, but then they get tired and frustrated.

I don't want you to give up. I want to see you succeed on the Internet. You can make money if you will apply the information I just gave you now.

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    Thanks for the post. It's beautiful in its simplicity. You don't need some shiny new push button method. Stick to the basics and it's tough to go wrong.
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    Yeah...These are the basic of a business plan...One should plan something that they are capable of doing and make changes along the way. It is always good to start with a simple plan as you will not get lost too..

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    Thanks for this
    The money math is a bit more tricky for me as its based against software that i have written, i cant really factor in many many hours coding because the price would be unrealistic.

    I had to have a guess based on similar products and size of program etc etc to get the figure.

    But the rest of it is true enough though
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