Hot New item: Herman Cain Campaign Buttons

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He just dropped out - these will become collectors items...How to best market these gems?
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    Why do you believe that these will be collector's items? There's probably a million or more of them laying around. Who would want these?
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    maybe in 200 years, my advice would be to buy all of them at a discount destroy all of them but one, making them rare, then passing it on to your grandchildren for a few generations in hopes they get $200 bucks for it to pay a light bill.
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    Actually political trinkets and campaign memorabilia can be very good collector's items. The thing about any collector's item is that it must go through an aging process. Cain's stuff might be valuable in say, 4-8 years?
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    I have my doubts that these will ever be collectible. As previously mentioned, there are probably millions of these campaign buttons. Things that are actually valuable typically have to have one or more of the following:

    1. scarcity
    2. something special about them
    3. age

    These might become slightly valuable in say 50-75 years. There's nothing super special about them now and probably won't be later....Herman Cain didn't do anything magnificent.
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    Can we trade them in for a free pizza? If we collect them all do we get to head the NRA? No? Then where's the value right now? I want some pepperoni and a cushy position.
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    The world is littered with old campaign buttons from candidates who have dropped out of races.

    Cain memorabilia may have some appeal because he was forced out due to sexual misconduct issues. But the accusers are not very high profile and the incidents are so far in the past that, although they have scuttled the campaign, I doubt they will do much other public damage.

    Compare that with say old "Gary Hart" campaign pins.

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    Originally Posted by creature View Post

    He just dropped out - these will become collectors items...How to best market these gems?
    Good luck with that, dont think many will want them. Not to many wanted them when he was in.

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