Webinars - How could they be better?

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Webinars have been on my mind lately.

I do love and learn a lot from webinars.

I just looked at my inbox and it is stuffed with webinars. Each on no less than an hour and scheduled during the time I would rater be working on my own business or with family.

Is there a better way?

I know there are sales webinars and "no sales" training webinars which I do both love.

What I like:

The best way I learn is visually.
I can go back look at the training..if there is a replay

What I do not like:

The time (usually over an hour)
I also learn the best by reading..would like some type of transcript

What I think could be better:

Maybe shorter (half hour)
a transcript
Maybe someone edit the hour webinar from an hour to half
Some type of follow up plan of action - mind map or system map
Some way of answering questions with some follow up webinar
maybe the webinars not being live and people sending in questions ahead of time

Anyone else have any thoughts of what they like or have seen with webinars?

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    The webinars that are recorded - I would like to see what the total time is going to be. I want to know whether I will be there for a 15 minutes or for an hour and a half. I have seen some that tell you right up front how long it is going to be and that is great.

    I prefer watching regular videos because I can fast forward it through sections I do not need, and also replay the sections I want to.
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      you know..I never thought about that..that is a good idea.

      it would be nice to know up front how much time you have.

      i agree..you should be able to have the controls of a webinar where you can move forward or backwards. i understand why on sales webinars that you would remove controls..but..why not let the user decide if it is worth the time.
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    All of that will definitely make webinars better. A lot of webinars can be condensed. A transcript PDF of the webinar is a good idea. Even being able to turn the transcript into another product would be a good idea.

    I love the idea of using a follow-up webinar to answer questions. Especially if the webinar is a replay, then there could be an optin form below for notification of the next upcoming webinar.

    I'm glad that I found this thread. I am just getting into webinars as a presenter. I am launching my first LIVE webinar next week (my email sig is the link).

    I agree with Mary that the webinar replay could have the time available so people can be prepared for a long (90 min) webinar event.

    Thanks for starting this thread! Great and useful info!
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      Hey..I do think Mary's idea of the time of front is a really great idea. I have really never thought about that before.

      Ya, I think a follow up webinar even not live would be very useful. Maybe, a week after the call have people email you with follow up questions and just bang those out. Again, it might be better that it is not live and send out the video and transcript.

      I have seen a few internet marketers start to send out a condensed version of the webinar. I do love that.
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    Originally Posted by WSO Bonus View Post

    Anyone else have any thoughts of what they like or have seen with webinars?
    Design your webinars so that people feel watching it was worth their time.

    I've heard people say that on a webinar you should "tell 'em what to do, but not how to do it." While I don't doubt that's effective, I think it's helped to fuel the perception of webinars as just sales pitches with no real info.

    I say give away some "how to do it" info during the webinar too. Teach people some cool stuff, but don't give away the farm. If they want maximum results (easier/faster/more/better resources, etc.), they need to buy your product. Then, give them an added incentive to purchase today, like some really cool bonuses, genuine scarcity (after so many sold, the price goes up, bonuses only available to so many people, etc.)
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      totally agree! I think you can give a lot away and not give away the farm. I think that is the problem with my stuffed inbox..I do think that most of the webinars will be mostly sales pitches (nothing wrong with that) and not enough info. I really do not have a problem with sales pitches..I just have to value my time more and do not feel like having to go through the whole hour and not have enough to show at the end for my time.

      the bonuses are a very good idea.
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    I think you bring up some pretty thoughtful points on webinars. I'm a big fan of them myself and actually hold them pretty often. I have to say though.. containing me to less than an hour is pretty hard! LOL

    We had one (I'm not kidding) that was from 9pm -12:45am now it was a training webinar. It wasn't selling anything. And we were talking to the listeners and taking questions, but people came back with some pretty good responses even though it went so late.
    We do have customer service set up, a forum, and also a site with all the tools we mention.
    We try to make it a complete experience.
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