Christmas Specials or Holiday Specials?

by UMS
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I have an Amazon store where I'm planning on promoting Christmas specials. As the store is primarily aimed at a US market, I'm just wondering if I should call them "Christmas Specials" or "Holiday Specials" or whether it really makes any difference.

In New Zealand, we still call it Christmas, although this year I've seen "Happy Holidays" signs up in the supermarkets.
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    To me, "Christmas Specials" stands out more. It seems more specific to the actual holiday.
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    Yes, but you are from the UK, where Christmas is still mostly called Christmas.

    I'm referring specifically to the US market, where the term Christmas may, or may not turn some people off.
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    Seriously it depends on who your target market is. If you're looking to sell to liberals from large cities, then use "Holiday". If you're selling to conservatives in middle America, use "Christmas". You're probably going to offend people either way, so figure out who's buying the products and use the one that audience wants to see.
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    Well, the US is a very diverse country. Diverse enough that Holiday is probably the best way to go ... I personally prefer Christmas, but then I'm not Jewish.
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      I think Christmas would give you a stronger presence in my opinion. If I do a Google search for Christmas related items, I am more likely to go to a site that specifically has to do with Christmas.

      I know Happy Holidays is still more politically correct, but there are tons of people who search for Christmas.
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    I have a few things to say about the PC police and the attack on Christmas but Politics and Religion are forbidden topics.
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    I would use holiday to appeal to a broader audience.
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      Oh is THAT why Americans call Christmas 'Holidays' and not just plain 'Christmas'? *facepalms*
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        Originally Posted by Azarna View Post

        Oh is THAT why Americans call Christmas 'Holidays' and not just plain 'Christmas'? *facepalms*
        Yep. Whereas the English frequently get that startled look on their faces when they suddenly realise wait, it is a religious holiday, innit?
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    I would go with Christmas, simply because when people are searching, they are going to be searching for "christmas gifts for dad", not "holiday gifts for dad".
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    I would go for Christmas. It's specific. Probably would rank better in the SERPs. Even anti-"Christmas" people probably actually use "Christmas" to search with in Google, instead of Holidays. How about using the AdWords tool to see if that would help. Here's another idea, if you have a few bucks. Try a couple of titles, one with Christmas, the other with Holidays, run a very short AdWords campaign and see which one gets the clicks. Just a thought.
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    In general terms, since US is such a diverse country, Holiday Specials sounds better.

    Christmas is more popular, of cause. But then you might rank better for Holiday Specials since there could be less competition...

    Just my opinion...
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    Go with Christmas .... many people still relate to it. A survey in Canada today
    shows that more than 70% still greet Merry Christmas
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    Personally, I would go with Christmas -- because that's what it is, Christmas.

    Ironically, people who are supposedly offended by the word 'Christmas' seem to forget that Holiday is the modern pronunciation of 'Holy Day' which is, you know, the same kind of thing.

    Personally, I've never come across anyone -- from any background -- who has been offended by the use of the term Christmas. (I think it might just be reserved for people who make a career out of being offended on other people's behalf.)

    Just my tuppence worth.



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    I'd go with both as for my niches there are search phrases with both terms in them. If you have to go with one, use Google's keyword tool to check US searches for "holiday deals" vs. "Christmas deals" related to your search and see if one has significantly more search volume than the other.
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